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HeatFab 304 Alloy 7 X 24 Saf T Liner

HeatFab Alloy 7 X 24 Saf T Liner

Features: Material: 304-Alloy. You can also order 6, 7, and 8 diameter 304-alloy Saf-T Liner in pre-insulated 48 lengths. Seam-welded 24-ga. UL Listed to 1777 Standard with 1 clearance with Saf-T Wrap. Saf-T Liner come pre-drilled with pop rivets. stainless steel. 304-alloy has lifetime warranty for woodburning applications. for insulation, use Heat-Fab Saf-T Wrap - aluminum-jacketed sections of ceramic blanket that snap and lock around your pipe. Economical liner for straight chimneys. ...

Price: $58.87 | Merchant: Walmart US | Date: May-23, 2018