Toronto Raptors 2006-07 Preview

The Toronto Raptors of 2006 have the distinct honor of being a team that no one knows about. Besides their superstar Chris Bosh, the Raptors are full of new acquisitions and draft picks. And even though they don’t play in a tough division, or conference, it is hard to imagine this ragtag group making the playoffs.

As mentioned above, Chris Bosh is the future of the Toronto Raptors. His career high numbers of 22.5 points per game and 9.2 rebounds solidified him as one of the best young big men in the game today. The Raptors fully expect him to be even better this season in both categories.

At the swing positions, the key players for the Raptors are Morris Peterson and Joey Graham. Morris Peterson is the only player who was with the Raptors five seasons ago, and he is a reliable shooting threat who can stay healthy and play eighty-two games a year. Morris had a career season, along with Bosh, in a bigger role last year and averaged nearly seventeen points a game. Expect more of the same this season as he will be relied upon for mid and long-range shots. Graham is a young small forward who is expected to develop soon into a good bench option. Another player who may factor into the rotation is former Indiana Pacer Fred Jones.

At the point guard position are former Buck T.J. Ford and Jose Calderon. Ford is a good point guard in terms of passing but his shot is often suspect and his size leaves him vulnerable on defense more times then not. His speed should help the Raptors quicken the pace of the game, however. Behind him is Calderon, who is one of the best European point guards. He played for the Raptors last season and did an admirable job, averaging 9 points and 7.5 assists as a starter.

At the center position is another new acquisition in Rasho Nesterovic. He is a mediocre player who won’t make too big of an impact on his new team. One plus is that he has experience playing alongside talented big men and should help Chris Bosh develop into an even better player. First round pick Andreas Bargnani may get playing time as well.

The Raptors are probably not going to be a good team, much less a playoff team. They have good young talent, but just not enough to contend yet. Thankfully, they do have one of the best young players in the league to build around.

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