Adjustable Bed Information On The Internet-part 2

One of my earliest attempts to convey an opinion on the adjustable bed market was made on this site on May 30th of this year entitled "Adjustable Bed Information on the Internet". In that article I attempted to paint a picture of The Internet marketing machine as it pertained to the sale of adjustable beds and related merchandise. After almost three months, I have decided to revisit that article and see if the observations I made back then still hold any water.

A quick check of the first page in Google on a search for "adjustable bed" shows some interesting results. The number one top position in ranking is "Craftmatic", which is closely followed by an article for back pain from a Spine Health site. The association between adjustable beds and back pain seem to have formed a binding relationship, which bodes well for sufferers.

Various manufacturers and retailers of adjustable beds with subjective levels of information on their particular line of products hold the remaining eight top ranking positions. At least when you decide to buy an adjustable bed you will have plenty of pretty pictures to look at to help you make your choice. How the average person is able to choose between one manufacturer over another, based on the information provided, is unfathomable to me.

The accountability factor simply does not seem to exist. On this site, I do not pick one adjustable bed manufacturer or retailer over another. You will find articles and sources of information to help you make as wise a choice as you are capable of making. Your ultimate shield against a poor buying decision is the information that you can gather from as many sources as possible.

When searching for an adjustable bed, try using different search terms like" adjustable bed information" or "adjustable bed articles" or "adjustable bed + back pain" to get the information that you need. When there are more than ten million results for the term "adjustable bed" alone, finding the right information requires a certain amount of fine tuning. Narrow your searches as much as possible and you should get better, more relative results.

Have things changed since my article of March 30th…. not much. But the good news is that I am unable to find the character that had a site about adjustable beds with absolutely no information at all about the product he was trying to sell. He had a landing page filled with pay per click links and it was as if he was telling you to get lost but pay him on your way out. I quess the Internet is just a little bit better after all.

Author: Emmanuel DeFreitas

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