Panic Attacks – A Quick Guide

What is a panic attack exactly? The symptoms of a panic attack include experiencing a period of intense, irrational feeling of distress, normally connected to other fears. More symptoms are gasping for breath and trembling, especially at the start of an attack. These attacks usually last for about 30 minutes, but can vary wildly.

There are varying degrees of attack and the most severe can invoke some scary situations for people and have lasting effects. When asked, many sufferers said that the attack was totally irrational. Although one factor which sometimes seems to trigger panic attacks is a depleted amount of sugar in the bloodstream. There has also been a study carried out that shows that panic attacks could be linked to puberty. The fact that there is many times not an obvious reason for a panic attack is of course not much consolation to the sufferer.

One way that sufferers manage their panic attacks is by getting to know and using various relaxation strategies. As for medication, antidepressants are widely used to treat panic attacks. Unfortunately, research has shown that there is no one solution which is effective for every person. Expert opinion says that a good way to avoid having panic attacks is to reduce the stress levels in your life

If the sufferer does not get treatment they may carry on having panic attacks for years. When the patient has been diagnosed, this disorder normally responds well to treatment, but how long the treatment takes depends on the individual. Unfortunately many people respond well to a course of treatment but then experience panic attacks as they get older, whereas others only need one course to get rid of it for good. If you are a sufferer of panic attacks it may seem hard to believe at this point, but with the correct treatment you can be free. As always, if you have any concerns, consult a qualified professional.

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