Yes, You Do Need A Disability Insurance

People are often unsure whether or not they actually need disability insurance. This is a decisional problem. Considering the fact that with all those bills to be paid every month, one is often not ready to get another sum on one's head.

We all go for spending only when we feel that the thing is actually needed. No doubt, the insurance comes in as a saving grace when the going gets tough in times of injury and illness, but we still have the question- is it really important? Yes, it is. It is important for nearly everyone because misfortune does not have a merit list to follow. It can fall on anyone, anytime. There is no logic to it and the weatherman can't predict the hail. So, be prepared. If you still need reasons, here are few:

1.Ask yourself if you could get seriously sick. No matter how good a shape you are in currently. There is always a chance of your getting serious sick without any initial warnings, medical or divine. So, on that count nearly everyone's case tests positive.

2.Can I suffer and accidental injury? Nearly everyone can. Even if you do not go out, and do not drive at a breakneck speed, there is still a chance of an unforeseen injury. How? Well, haven't you heard of slipping-in-the-bathroom stories? If you have, there is a good chance that some of them were true and not just excuses for escaping a lunch commitment or a day's office work. However, if you work in an industry that employs heavy machinery or makes it, your chances of accidental injury are particularly higher. And this necessitates disability insurance for you.

3.Another important question is if you can afford to self-finance your medical bills and recovery. Some can, most can't. There may be many of us who are relatively well off and can deal with it pretty much. However, there is no way one could gauge as to how serious will be ailment or injury and how much money would it require for treatment. An additional safety net means additional security. What's the harm in it?

Therefore, nearly every one of us, irrespective of one's financial standing, needs an additional coverage. It is just an additional assurance that no matter how rough the weather is, there is sufficient resources tucked away to live on. This makes one live more fully, more freely and with greater freedom. So, once you get a disability insurance policy for yourself, you can take a deep breath of peace. Isn’t that wonderful?

Author: Javier Fuller

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