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Ak Builder Ak 47 74 Magazine Catch Spring

Ak Ak 47 74 Magazine Catch Spring

Mfg: Ak Builder SPECS: Heat-treated spring steel wire. Always a good policy to replace the spring whenever you replace or work on the mag catch itself. Replaces worn or weak magazine catch springs. ...

Price: $2.49 | Merchant: Brownells | Date: Mar-20, 2018

Guides High Ak 47 74 Magazine Latch Spring

Keep your AK-47 or variant in top shooting condition with these high quality parts. Will fit the many variants of the AK-47 including Soviet, Soviet Bloc and Chinese made rifles. Parts are caliber-specific to 7.62x39mm. Mfg: High Standard SPECS: Steel, blue, matte finish unless otherwise indicated.

Price: $7.99 | Merchant: Brownells

Kalashnikov AK47 Magazine Fits Powered Amp AEG Kalashnikov AK47 Airsoft Rifles 600 Rds

AK47 magazine Fits Kalashnikov AK47 AEG & spring-powered airsoft rifles: 12701, 12702, 12703, 12701, 12912,12916, 12922, 12930, 600 rds Pick up a spare magazine for your Kalashinkov AK47 and spend less time reloading during intense airsoft skirmishes. This magazine fits spring & battery powered Kalashnikov AK47 airsoft rifles.

Price: $15.59 | Merchant: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall

Alg Defense Ak 47 High Energy Main Spring

The ALG High Energy MainSpring is a performance replacement spring for the AK47/74 platform rifles. It is a Chrome Silicon single wire spring fabricated per ASTM A401 specifications. The ALG High Energy Mainspring develops 25% more torque over a standard factory main spring, lowering lock time and also increasing the consistency of primer ignition. Mfg: Alg Defense SPECS: Chrome silicon steel.

Price: $9.50 | Merchant: Brownells

Detailed Alg Defense Ak 47 Recoil Spring

ALG AK recoil spring is a one of a kind design, it is manufactured from chrome silicon steel resist impact shock and relaxation. The 2 to 3 dead coils in the center change the natural frequency of the spring, which prevents harmonics from damaging the spring and reducing its free length. Mfg: Alg Defense SPECS: Chrome silicon steel.

Price: $12.00 | Merchant: Brownells

Values Wolff Ak 47 Recoil

Return your rifle to original condition for reliable operation with a standard weight, factory-spec spring. Extra Power spring is 15% stronger than standard for additional spring tension needed to help some guns cycle more reliably. Mfg: Wolff

Price: $15.99 | Merchant: Brownells

Value Kalashnikov Magazine Fits Spring Powered Amp AEG Kalashnikov Airsoft Rifles 400 Rds

Kalashnikov AK47 Magazine, Fits Spring-Powered & AEG Kalashnikov AK47 Airsoft Rifles, 400 Rds

Price: $14.77 | Merchant: Trend Times Toys

Reduced Powered AK 47 Russian Style Fighter Airsoft Assault Rifle

Spring Powered AK-47 Russian Style Fighter Airsoft Assault Rifle

Price: $34.10 | Merchant: Trend Times Toys

Heavyweight Spring Affordable AK47 Airsoft Gun W High Quality Parts And Hop Up

Heavyweight Spring Powered AK47 Airsoft Gun W/High Quality Parts and Hop Up

Price: $39.98 | Merchant: Trend Times Toys