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Apc Back Ups Connect 84va Battery Back Up System White

Apc Ups Connect 84va Battery Up System White Info Informations Guides

340 joules of protection 2 surge-protected outlets 5' power cord 3 USB ports removable battery pack. ...

Price: $119.99 | Merchant: Best Buy | Date: Mar-23, 2017

Apc Ups 650va Battery Up System Black Informationen Guides

Protect computers and other delicate electronic equipment from power surges and data loss with this APC Back-UPS uninterrupted power supply. It provides surge protection as well as battery backup so that nothing is damaged or lost during a thunderstorm. This APC Back-UPS uninterrupted power supply also includes a USB port for charging phones and other devices.

Price: $74.99 | Merchant: Best Buy

APC UPS Pro 500 BG500 Letzten Values

Features and Benefits Four Power Protection Outlets: Power Protection outlets provide surge protection and battery backup to keep home electronics and office equipment running and protected from unsafe utility power levels, spikes, surges, and electrical noise. All four outlets provide surge protection Two are full-time battery backed-up Two are Smart Outlets that can be individually configured with or without battery backup. Customizing battery backup per outlet allows users to provide valuable battery power only to outlets that need power during an outage, increasing the runtime for those outlets The Smart Outlets are transformer block spaced, which means they protect equipment with input transformer blocks (oversized plugs) without blocking access to other outlets Smart Outlets: Highly manageable and intelligent outlets for use in a variety of scenarios. Smart Outlets monitor and control energy usage to optimize power efficiency and reduce your energy costs. They can also be remotely managed to turn on / off, reboot outlets, and equipment as needed. Smart Outlet Features Include Energy Management: Working with the Master Outlet, Smart Outlets save energy and money by automatically shutting down when the Master Outlet is idle. This prevents complimentary electronics from consuming power when your computer or other master device is turned off, in sleep mode, or in hibernation mode. Master Outlets reduce your power consumption and energy costs. Watchdog: Detects when there is a loss of internet connectivity and reacts by rebooting networking equipment such as your modem and wireless router. Additional benefits include: Intelligent management of the network reboot process. For example, the UPS powers on the wireless router after the modem has had time to reboot Automatically regains connection to your network as soon as possible after a power or network disturbance Ensures your network connection is functioning whether or not you are present Remote UPS Co

Price: $298.38 | Merchant: Walmart US

Apc Ups 450va Battery Up System Black Mi Pasado Mas Reciente Valued

Keep your office equipment safe with this APC battery backup. It has six outlets with surge protection, four of which also have backup protection to keep your important electronics powered short-term during an outage. Audio and light alarms on this APC battery backup let you know if something is wrong.

Price: $49.99 | Merchant: Best Buy

Apc Ups 900va Battery Up System Black Nuestro Producto Guide

Avoid data loss during unexpected power outages with this APC battery backup. Plug in up to seven devices and let the two surge protectors keep your critical electronics protected. This APC battery backup delivers a battery run time of up to 5.9 hours, which provides plenty of time to save and back up your work.

Price: $99.99 | Merchant: Best Buy

Apc Ups 700va Ups Black Online Bestellung Compared

Help keep your equipment running during a power outage with this APC BN700MC UPS that features a rechargeable battery to provide up to 62 minutes of power. The 5' power cord allows flexible placement.

Price: $99.99 | Merchant: Best Buy

Apc Ups 450va Network 40 Ups Black Principais Tendencias Hoje Hoje O Valued

Keep your home networking equipment working when the electricity goes out with this APC Back-UPS Network 40 BN4001 UPS that features 4 battery-backup and surge-protection outlets to ensure electronics remain powered during outages.

Price: $54.99 | Merchant: Best Buy

Apc Ups 1080va Ups Black Recente Values

This APC BN1080G UPS features 8 outlets to provide ample connections for your equipment. The rechargeable battery supplies up to 121 minutes of power during outages.

Price: $149.99 | Merchant: Best Buy