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Power Custom Ruger Sa Free Spin Pawl

Power Custom Sa Free Spin Pawl Review

Blackhawk fits Ruger new model Blackhawk, Bisley, pre-2005 Vaquero and Super Blackhawk single actions. Mfg: Power Custom SPECS: Steel. Single Six (S6) fits small frame Single Six and Bisley. Hunters, target shooters, and outdoorsmen will enjoy the added convenience of easier reloading. Holds the bolt away from the cylinder locking notches when the loading gate is open, so the cylinder can rotate freely in either direction. Helps competitive shooters improve reload times and scores. No need to spin the cylinder around again if you miss a click and go too far makes it easier to set an empty chamber under the hammer. Redesigned pawl enables faster and easier loading/unloading of Ruger single action revolvers. Vaquero fits the New Vaquero, with the smaller ""XR3"" grip frame, introduced in 2005. ...

Price: $36.99 | Merchant: Brownells | Date: Mar-17, 2018

Power Custom 22 Extended Titamium Magazine Release

EDM, titanium part drops in easily to provide a big, easy-to-hit release for fast, convenient mag changes. Contoured for a comfortable fit. Light, high-tensile titanium ensures durability and performance. 10/22 is grooved for positive engagement. Mfg: Power Custom SPECS: Titanium, gray, satin finish. 10/22 - Approximately 1/2"" (12.7mm) wide, 1 1/2"" (3.8cm) tall. 77/22 - 1/2"" wide, 1 3/4"" (4.4cm) tall. Fits .22 LR, .22 Mag, .22 Hornet. Does not fit Nylon Stock models.

Price: $24.99 | Merchant: Brownells

Wolff Browning Power Extra Power Recoil Springs Review

Extra power outputs for optimum functioning with hardball and hot handloads. Each spring comes with an extra power firing pin retraction spring to offset the increased slide thrust. Mfg: Wolff SPECS: 1935, 9mm's original spring averages 17 lb.

Price: $7.89 | Merchant: Brownells

Wisner Colt Reduced Power Spring Kit Review

Kit contains a medium weight hammer spring that reduces tension for easier trigger pull, plus medium and light sear/bolt springs; lets you select the best combination for a reliable trigger release. Mfg: Wisner SPECS: Spring steel. For Colt Single Action and clones. Sold as a pack of three springs. Gunsmith fitting may be required on 3rd Generation Colts and various clones.

Price: $27.99 | Merchant: Brownells