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Baby Doll I Promise To Love You Teddy Hold That Pose Baby Doll

Detail Baby Doll I Promise To Love You Teddy Last That Pose Baby Doll

This So Truly Real baby doll is crafted of our signature RealTouch vinyl - as soft as real-life baby skin. Strong demand is expected for this amazingly realistic baby doll from multiple award-winning doll artist Cheryl Hill. Plus, her beloved Teddy is tenderly crafted of downy-soft plush with inset eyes and a stitched nose and mouth. Even Teddy wears a stylish purple bow that matches the baby's outfit. And every pose you create for her will stay in place until you pose her again. This precious baby doll arrives in a bubble romper embellished with embroidered hearts and flowers and pink organza bows with a large organza bow accenting her silky-soft hair. After all, that little teddy bear is her first best friend and the one her heart will never outgrow. A bond between a baby and her first teddy bear is truly special. With a blush on her cheeks and sparkling eyes, this darling baby doll wonderfully conveys her affection for her first best friend.Best of all, you can pose this adorable Hold That Pose. baby doll in 100s of positions thanks to an innovative armature within the doll's body. Now, you can relive all the heartwarming charm of a baby at play with her beloved toy in the I Promise to Love You, Teddy Baby Doll, sculpted by award-winning Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill exclusively for The Ashton-Drake Galleries. ...

Price: $149.99 | Merchant: The Bradford Exchange Online | Date: Jul-26, 2017

Detail Heaven S Littlest Angels Collectible Miniature Baby Doll Reduced

Life's most precious gifts come from above, and these adorable baby angels are here to bring them to you, one by one! The Heaven's Littlest Angels baby angel doll collection by doll artist Joni Inlow offers the sweetest infant expressions and baby poses in a precious, 4-1/4-inch size that fits right in your hand! Each is a real little charmer, beginning with Issue One, I Wish You Love who is posed to blow you an angel kiss. Soon to come are more adorable little angels, as your collection continues with Issue Two, I Wish You Faith, Issue Three, I Wish You Hope and additional baby angel dolls, each a separate issue to follow.This baby angel doll collection is available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, and each of the baby angels in the collection is fully sculpted and handcrafted in realistic resin right down to the smallest detail. These littlest angel dolls wear floral halos and come dressed in outfits with frilly skirts of gathered netting with a sweet sentiment on each costume. You'll also be delighted to discover that each baby angel has her own uniquely designed style of angel wings. To bring these adorable and uplifting baby angel dolls into your home, don't delay! Intense demand is expected for these little messengers from Heaven, so order now!

Price: $29.99 | Merchant: The Bradford Exchange Online

Baby Order 16 Collectible Orangutan Baby Doll

Echoing the expressiveness and beauty of one of the animal world's cutest babies, Baby Babu is a lovable orangutan doll sized perfectly to be cuddled and loved! This So Truly Real simian sweetheart is ready to be cradled in your arms, thanks to the unique artistry of Master Sculptor Simon Laurens. You'll be amazed at how this artist has recreated every realistic feature in this orangutan baby doll, using his sculpting skills and a love of nature to create a masterpiece.Baby Babu is handcrafted of RealTouch vinyl to capture every lifelike detail, right down to the folds and creases on hands and feet, with a soft body for many posing options. Little wisps of baby orangutan hair, applied by hand, add to the realism of this adorable orangutan doll. The gentle brown eyes with long lashes seem to say please pick me up, and who could resist this little one? Baby Babu arrives ready to be pampered in an adorable polka-dot tee shirt and a diaper, and you can even offer this little one its thumb to suck if you like! Strong demand is expected for this realistic orangutan baby doll by Simon Laurens. Don't wait; order now!

Price: $99.99 | Merchant: The Bradford Exchange Online

Sleeping Realistic Baby Sweet Dreams Bella

Few things are as adorable as a sleeping baby. A vision so sweet, so perfect so very lovable! Now, you can capture all the beauty and wonder of a precious newborn with this poseable sleeping realistic baby doll, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries.Weighted like a real infant so you can gently cradle her in your arms, this lifelike baby doll by famed doll artist Waltraud Hanl features soft RealTouch vinyl skin, delicate wisps of hand-rooted hair, and perfect little hand-painted fingers and toes. Plus, this So Truly Real baby doll comes dressed in a soft knit ensemble, just waiting to be loved and admired by you. Strong demand is expected, and you won't want to miss out. Order now!

Price: $129.99 | Merchant: The Bradford Exchange Online

Details Peyton 20 Lifelike Save American Baby Doll

Her blanket says I am thankful to be me and this little darling certainly should be - just look at that sweet face! Wearing her Sunday best, this lifelike African-American baby doll is an adorable creation by award-winning Master Doll Artist Linda Murray celebrating the beauty of life and the Lord's love.Available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this 20-inch baby doll is meticulously handcrafted in artist's resin with hand-painted features, big brown eyes and silky soft hair. Her cheery sunflower dress perfectly matches the ribbons in her hair and her little booties. Her soft, satin-trimmed blanket plays Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World and showcases her inspiring affirmation. High demand is anticipated, so don't wait. Order now!

Price: $149.99 | Merchant: The Bradford Exchange Online

Detail Doll Little Light Of Order Baby Doll

This Little Light of Mine is ready to make each and every one of your days shine! Beautifully bright in a sweet orange and white checkered dress that accentuates her adorable smile, this precious baby doll by award-winning Master Doll Artist Linda Murray is available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. A So Truly Real lifelike masterpiece with RealTouch vinyl skin, this unique baby doll is so special because she will Hold That Pose!.The Hold That Pose! technology allows you to pose her hundreds of ways and hold it until you pose her again! From the bow hair band in her hand-applied hair, to the tips of her too-cute toes, this little one is truly adorable and radiant with lifelike hand-painted features. Her orange and white checkered dress and matching bow headband make the perfect ensemble for a dance in the sunshine or a visit to grandma's. Strong demand is expected for this cutie, so don't wait to cradle the Little Light of Mine Baby Doll in your arms. Order now!

Price: $139.99 | Merchant: The Bradford Exchange Online