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Big Agnes 15F Rock Creek Sleeping Bag With Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes 15F Rock Creek Sleeping Bag With Sleeping

The 15and#176 F Rock Creek sleeping bag offers well-insulated warmth, even in damp conditions, and the insulated sleeping pad is made of durable diamond-ripstop nylon. This Big Agnes sleep system features a three-season sleeping bag and inflatable pad in a single package at a great value. CLOSEOUTS. ...

Price: $199.99 | Merchant: Sierra Trading Post | Date: Apr-25, 2018

Big Agnes Dream Island Double Sleeping Bag 15 Degree

That romantic, all-expenses paid trip to Cabo didn't happen like you two had planned, but lucky for you, there's a campsite hours away from home, and the Big Agnes Dream Island Sleeping Bag feels like a tropical getaway anyway. Thermolite Extra synthetic insulation helps you feel like you're sunbathing on a beach, even if you're camping in freezing temperatures. The Dream Island also features Big Agnes' Free Range hoods that allow both of you to move your heads for a goodnight kiss, even with the hoods snugged tight. The Pillow Barns secure soft pillows inside pockets so you don't lose said softness by the morning. There are draft tubes around each zipper and collar for extra comfort, and the corner hand pockets tuck over your shoulders for more coverage.

Price: $249.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Big Agnes Insulated Double Sleeping Pad Navy Wide Long

The Big Agnes Insulated Double Z Sleeping Pad provides a warmer night's sleep while camping or backpacking. PrimaLoft Silver insulation readies this pad for brisk temperatures from spring to fall, and the stabilized construction helps to stop your from rolling off in the middle of the night. A two-piece valve helps you inflate and deflate the Double Z in seconds. Big Agnes added a compact stuff sack and a repair kit hidden in the stuff sack's internal pocket.

Price: $149.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Compared Big Agnes Q Core Insulated Sleeping Pad Lime Green Petite

Your dirtbag lifestyle may not bring you to many five star establishments, but honestly who needs overpriced, tourist traps when the Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Insulated Sleeping Pad adds a heavy dose of luxury to your camping experience. Made with a ripstop nylon and TPU laminate, the Q-Core is a rough and tumble mat with a minimalist design that keeps its weight to a minimum in all of the available sizes. A layer of synthetic insulation works hand-in-hand with the cozy, quilted top to deliver top-shelf comfort when temperatures down to fifteen degrees, which makes this pad ideal for everything from early spring ski tours and summer backpacking at high elevations, to late fall trips to the desert. The pad inflates quickly thanks to a high-volume valve that can be adjusted to the perfect firmness with a micro-adjust, air pressure button. Additionally, the Q-Core SLX is equipped with an antimicrobial treatment along the inner air chambers to ensure your shiny new mat doesn't become a smelly, moldy mess over time.

Price: $139.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Detailed Big Agnes Insulated Air Sleeping Pad Rectangular Blue Gray Short

To ensure ultimate comfort while you car camp or backpack in chilly temperatures, use the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Sleeping Bag. Designed with PrimaLoft Synergy synthetic insulation, the Insulated Air Core keeps you toasty on chilly nights and easily rolls down to fit compactly in your pack or car when not in use.

Price: $89.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Values Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad Orange Regular

You can have the most comfortable pack in the world, but your back's still going to be a bit knackered after trekking fifteen miles with a forty-pound bag strapped to your posterior. However, thanks to the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad, you're able to comfortably simmer down and snooze peacefully when you finally crawl into your tent after a full day on the trail. Designed to offer personalized cushioning, this insulated pad features a high-volume valve and micro-adjust air pressure button that, when combined, assure quick inflation. A generous dose of synthetic insulation makes this pad capable of dealing with temperatures down to fifteen degrees, so you won't have to spend your night hugging a warm bottle of water during those late fall and early spring trips. Additionally, the minimalist-yet-rugged I-beam construction keeps this sleeping pad's weight to a minimum, but without sacrificing durability in the process.

Price: $129.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Guide Big Agnes Double Stuffed Double Z Sleeping Pad Eggplant Regular

Winter camping isn't necessarily relaxing, but if it's solitude, cold, and untouched snow that you're after, snoozing on the Big Agnes Double Stuffed Double Z Sleeping Pad is the way to go. As the name suggests, the Double Stuffed is loaded with two layers of ultra-efficient PrimaLoft Silver Hi-Loft insulation to keep the frozen ground from sapping your heat, and it's built with a Stabilizer construction to ensure that you don't wake up in the morning with a brutal cold spot in the small of your back. The nylon ripstop fabric can take a beating, but a repair kit is included just in case, and there's a two-piece valve for fast inflation and deflation.

Price: $169.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Compared Big Reduced Double Z Sleeping Pad Island Blue Regular

Get more Zzzs while camping or backpacking with the Big Agnes Double Z Sleeping Air Pad underneath you. This ultralight pad packs small in the included stuff sack, and a stabilized construction keeps you on the pad throughout the night. A two-piece valve helps you inflate and deflate the Double Z in seconds, and Big Agnes hid a repair kit in a small pocket inside the stuff sack.

Price: $79.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Big Agnes Seven Affordable Insulated Air Pad Blue Long 25 X 78

Morning dew might blanket the entire campsite each morning, but you're staying nice and toasty atop the Big Agnes Seven Lakes Insulated Air Pad. This sleeping pad keeps you warm throughout the shoulder seasons, and its inflated design assures light, compact convenience for backpacking. The plastic valve makes inflating and deflating a total breeze.

Price: $129.95 | Merchant: Backcountry