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Shock Absorber BOGE

Shock Absorber BOGE

Regardless of which damper fits your vehicle in the series production, BOGE automatic offers you safety and comfort only felt in a new vehicle. For std type suspension Product Features:OE-equivalent.Direct fit application for ease of installation.Supplied with required bushings and hardware.Twin tube design.Restores the original driving performance. BOGE also offers you the right shock absorber for every application, developed and manufactured following the tough standards of original equipment. ...

Price: $53.24 | Merchant: Advance Auto Parts | Date: May-27, 2018

Shock Doctor 591 Sr Ultra ShockSkin Hockey Short WAirCore Cup

Ideal for elite hockey players seeking enhanced protection on the ice. Features ShockSkin foam padding on the hips integrated with stretch mesh fabric for lightweight protection. The Ultra Jock Comfort Fit cup-lock pocket secures the cup pocket in a more natural position so the cup stays in place during play while the AirCore hard cup offers impact protection and unrestricted mobility.Includes the Shock Doctor AirCore Hard Cup with patented 3-layer fusion technology and 30% lighter than the traditional molded cup.Ultra Jock Comfort Fit cup-lock pocket for a more natural cup positionMicro-knit waistbandAirCore Hard Cup4-way Airflow Stretch Mesh for increased ventilation

Price: $79.99 | Merchant: GoalieMonkey

Shock Doctor Neck Guard

BIOFIT anatomically contoured neck wrap design with thin; flexible; pre-curved top/front edge and bottom/sides for ultimate comfort and mobilityKEVLAR constructed with premium cut-resistant KEVLAR reinforced core; soft knit lining and durable outer materials for added comfort and protectionAdjustable elastic Velcro closure for wide range of fit and enhanced mobilityBNQ CERTIFIED

Price: $19.99 | Merchant: GoalieMonkey

Shock Doctor 278 Ladies Loose Hockey Short Pelvic Protector

Serious comfort for serious players - That's the heart of this loose-style hockey short specifically designed for womenConstructed of super ventilated; moisture wicking fabric; it comes equipped with a unique dual density pelvic protectorA built-in X-FIT pelvic protector system safeguards the pelvic area and an internal brief keeps vital protection close to the bodyExtra padding surrounding the pelvic protector pocket increases comfort and reduces chafingVelcro tabs keep hockey socks securely in place

Price: $19.98 | Merchant: GoalieMonkey

Store Kind Shock Store Remote Seatpost

Kind Shock eTen Remote Seatpost The Kind Shock eTen Remote Seatpost combines value and performance. Kind Shock is the first to admit that they produce the most expensive seatpost on the market, but they haven't abandoned their fans on a b...

Price: $175.00 | Merchant: Jenson USA

Rockshox High Specs Fork Amp Shock Pump

Some of the current rear shock offerings on the market, such as the Rockshox Boxxer World Cup, require an air pressure above 300psi. The Rockshox High Pressure Fork and Shock pump, which is capable of reaching up to 600psi, is purpose built to meet these requirements. It has a rotating hose which can make getting to the valve and putting the gauge in a good line of site much easier. Specifications : Up to 600 psi360 Degree rotating pumpAir Pressure release valve Thread on attachmentAluminum barrel

Price: $50.00 | Merchant: Jenson USA

X Fusion 02 RL Rear Shock No Acquisto

Please Note: This is an OE product. It is a new item that has never been used. It may lack the original packaging. Plastic is for kids toys. When we finally get the time to make our escape to the woods for a little bit of play time, we want to know our equipment is up to the task. X-Fusion puts a lot of thought into the small details that can make all the difference. This is evident in the use of aluminum buttons, knobs and hardware where some other manufacturers might use plastic. This train of thought flows to the internals of the 02 RL as well. Pro rider Brian Lopes helped develop features to add 15% more air, increased tuning options, and larger knobs, allowing easier access to the adjustments. Leave the plastic toys in the sand box and put your confidence in an X-Fusion 02 RL shock. Features: Intended use: XC/Trail/All-Mountain/EnduroAir springAdjustments: 2 position compression adjustment, reboundOptional 5-Piece mounting hardware system offers superior strength, reduced drag, and ensures longer bushing life.Sized eyelet bushings ensure a smooth and consistent mounting system straight from the factory.Additional Volume (AV) air-sleeve option provides a more linear air-spring to match certain frame designs. Specifications: Size: 200 x 57Spring: AirAdjustments: 2 position Compression Adjustment (open, lock) , ReboundRemote Lockout Option Available Intended Use: XCWeight: 228 grams

Price: $349.99 | Merchant: Jenson USA

Cane Bestellen Sie Hier Double Barrel Inline Shock

Cane Creek's Double Barrel rear shocks have been a hit since day one, inspiring confidence with next-level adjustability and control. Originating as a piggybacked coil shock, later iterations included a piggybacked air-sprung model and then a piggybacked air-sprung model with a Climb Switch. Cane Creek has upped the ante once again by bringing the same damping characteristics of the DB shocks to the inline shock category, making it compatible with more frames than a traditional piggybacked rear shock. Traditionally, piggybacked rear shocks are used for more aggressive riding styles. The piggyback reservoir allows for higher oil volumes, which improves the performance of the shock and significantly reduces shock fade. During use, the oil in a rear shock will begin to heat up which causes the oil to become much thinner. This lowers the damping rates, causing the bike to bounce around more as well as increasing the chance of bottoming out. By increasing the oil volume, it takes longer for the oil to heat up, which results in a more consistent and reliable damping system. Although the DBinline does not feature a piggyback reservoir, thanks to the Twin-Tube design it does use much more oil, about 37-48% more, than other inline rear shocks. This increase in oil volume directly improves the performance of the shock, allowing you to go bigger than before without the worry of bottoming out. As with other Cane Creek shocks, the DBinline features 4-way external adjustment of high and low speed compression and rebound. By making these damping rates independently and externally adjustable, Cane Creek was able to produce a custom, rider-specific tuned rear shock with a plush and bottomless feel. Tune your shock to fit your bike, your trails, and your riding style. The Climb Switch is a climbing feature made to enhance both pedaling-efficiency and rear-end traction by simultaneously adjusting both low-speed compression and low-speed rebound, resulting in one of the most innovative climbing features available. Where other rear shocks with climbing features only adjust the compression, the Cane Creek DBinline rear shock also adjusts the rebound damping which results in better traction while minimizing pedal-bob. The Climb Switch being a literal switch makes it easy to flip on or off; making that long treacherous climb more manageable with the flick of a switch! Features Twin-tube damping for unparalleled small bump sensitivity and adjustability Climb Switch provides greater climbing efficiency on-the-fly Precision machined parts for maximum performance and reliability Four-way independent adjustability Handbuilt in North Carolina Weight: 295g (165x38mm, no hardware) Damping: Twin-tube independent compression & rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits Adjustments: Four-way independent adjustment: High-speed compression Low-speed compression High-speed rebound Low-speed rebound Climb Switch On/Off Can Sizes: Standard (all sizes) Mounting Interface: High performance low friction bushing 1/2"" universal axle Manufacturing: Handbuilt in North Carolina, USA A free App from Cane Creek that turns your phone into a Double Barrel rear shock tuning expert. Learn More.

Price: $550.00 | Merchant: Jenson USA

Cane Creek Comprar Agora Barrel Xvol Air Shock

The Double barrel rear shock brings revolutionary suspension technology to the bicycle market. Based on a foundation of precision quality and cutting-edge innovation, the Cane Creek DBcoil and DB air represent the pinnacle of high performance bicycle suspension systems. Cane Creek technology offers the broadest adjustment range available giving you the control to tune your shock, your way, for your bike. The Cane Creek Double Barrel Xvol Air Shock. Utilizes an XV (extra volume) Air can. Having more air volume is recommended for a sub-class of bikes that have a significantly progressive leverage ratio. More air volume will provide a more linear (less progressive) air spring. A less progressive air spring will allow a rider to ride with more High Speed Compression while still allowing full travel of the bike. Features: Twin Tube Technology 4-Way Adjustment Precision-machined parts Auto-adjust negative air spring Tunable Air Volume Aprox. 500 Grams (varies by size) Anodized and Laser Etched Finish Norglide bushing 1/2"" Universal Axle Lengths: 8.5""x2.5"" (215/63) , 7.87""x2.25"" (200/57) Includes Air Volume Reducing Spacers and Adjustment Tool Air Spring Rate High Speed Compression Low Speed Compression High Speed Rebound Low Speed Rebound A free App from Cane Creek that turns your phone into a Double Barrel rear shock tuning expert. Learn More.

Price: $650.00 | Merchant: Jenson USA