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Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision Riflescope With IR Illuminator

Pulsar Digisight Digital Night Vision Riflescope With IR Illuminator

The Pulsar N750 Night Vision Scope is no slouch on the optics and mechanical ends, either. A built-in infrared illuminator with 3 power levels makes the Pulsar Digisight N750 4.5-6.75x 50mm Rifle Scope usable even when theres no ambient light available, illuminating targets of any size at a considerable distance. This great Night Vision Scope from. Easy to use by daylight or in the darkest night, the Pulsar Digisight N750 Night Vision Rifle Scope incorporates top-flight technology and the most advanced electronics and optics available. The Pulsar N750 Riflescope with IR Flashlight features a Sum Light function that automatically raises the sensitivity of the CCD array when light is low, keeping your view crisp even when its darkest out. ...

Price: $1599.99 | Merchant: Gander Mountain | Date: Jan-17, 2018

Pulsar Men PXD931 ilver tainless teel Quartz Watch

This watch by Pulsar is a new addition that is sure to impress many This magnificent timepiece features a silver stainless-steel band that screams for attention and a 43MM stainless steel case that backs it up The white dial brings the entire look together And with 30 meters 100 feet 3 atm water resistance and a mineral crystal you will be getting a fashionable watch that you can be sure will last

Price: $89.50 | Merchant:

Pulsar Night 3x60 Night Vision Scope

The Sightmark Night Raider 2.5x50 night vision riflescope is a universal night optic designed for nighttime hunting and observation. The Night Raider is a passive starlight device, which means it does not require an artificial or IR light source to operate; however, the built-in IR illuminator substantially enhances viewing capabilities, especially in environments of absolute darkness. Adding to its superior functionality, the Night Raider boasts a stabilized power supply that resists recoil and ensures an uninterrupted power supply while shooting. Also included is a durable protective flip-up objective lens cover, remote control, and a photo / video adapter.Features: T Mfg: Pulsar Magnification 3x. Objective 60mm. Generation 1. Resolution 35 lines/mm. Field of View 11 degrees. Eye Releif 45mm. Detection Range (in natural light conditions 0.05 lux, quarter moon) 200m / 219yds. Minimum Focus Range 5m / 5yds.

Price: $699.99 | Merchant: Brownells

Pulsar Dual Portable Gas Generator With 6 000 Running Watts 7 500 Peak Watts

Pulsar Dual-Fuel Portable Gas Generator with 6,000 Running Watts, 7,500 Peak Watts

Price: $839.99 | Merchant: BJ's Wholesale Club