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Natural Medicine Homeopathic Children Appetite And Weight Control Spray 2 Oz

Detail Medicine Homeopathic Children Appetite And Weight Control Spray 2 Oz

- Natural Medicine homeopathic children appetite and weight control sprayGives fast relief of excess appetite, food cravings, that empty feeling in stomach and constitutional tendencies to gain fat. UPC: 357955551720 - Natural Medicine Homeopathic Children Appetite And Weight Control Spray - 2 Oz - Fast relief of food cravings and constitutional tendencies to gain fat. Helpful for both adults and children who are overweight. King Bios Appetite and Weight Control will enhance your health in many ways: Great for children and adults who have constitutional tendency to grow fatRelieves digestive disturbances, strengthens digestionRelieves empty feeling in the stomach and for nervous stomachs which are relieved by foodGreat for people when eating temporarily relieves all discomfortsGreat for obesityRelieves craving for peculiar and acid things or the i i i empty all gone feelingi i i in the stomachPowerful constitutional remedy for melancholy and feelings that must exercise restraintHelpful for bottling indifferences to lifeGreat to build self-confidence, overcome offense and aversion to workHelpful when whatever you do fails to give satisfactionSupports pituitary and thyroid dysfunction, safely strengthens thyroidRelieves fear of examinationsRelieves constant belchingRelieves gastric and catarrhal conditions of the stomachRelieves tendency to eat far beyond capacity for digestionRelieves gnawing in stomach Relieves abdominal pain and bloating immediately after eatingRelieves excessive fatty deposit around abdomen Especially for fat and sluggish individuals with respiratory troublesRelief of becoming abnormally leanRelieves intense craving for stimulantsRelieves flatulent colicRelieves bitter and too salty tasteRelieves cutting pain in abdomenRelieves tendency to dislike waterEspecially for fleshy and overweightRelieves excessive hungerDiminishes craving for saltRelieves abdominal distentionRelieves hunger soon after eatingFor weak, empty, gone sensation fe. Obesity. ...

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Value Captain Kirk STAR TREK 50th Anniversary Light Figure

For 50 years, he's boldly led us on an unforgettable journey. And ever since he made his first log entry - after beaming down to one of many mysterious planets - Captain James T. Kirk and the legendary TV show STAR TREK have inspired a fleet of additional TV shows, animated cartoons, books, comics and movies. Now, we are proud to celebrate 50 years of this groundbreaking show with this Captain Kirk STAR TREK 50th Anniversary Figure, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. This officially licensed Collector's Edition STAR TREK anniversary figure is fully sculpted, handcrafted in fine artist's resin, and carefully hand-painted to highlight its amazing likeness to actor William Shatner when he played the confident young captain, from his square-jawed good looks to his self-assured stance - ready for anything the universe serves up. With a phaser in one hand and poseable arms, this Captain Kirk figure enables you to recreate all kinds of famous scenes from the show.Standing a commanding 19-1/2 inches tall, Kirk is dressed in his original Starfleet uniform with fabric gold tunic - complete with Starfleet logo and rank braid - and cuffed black pants over sculpted black boots. The captain looks just like we remember him, waiting for Scotty to beam him down to his next adventure. Best of all, at the push of a button, the transporter-shaped base actually illuminates and plays the familiar transporter sound! A three dimensional50th Anniversary logo on the transporter base adds the perfect finishing touch to this STAR TREK doll anniversary tribute. Given the ongoing popularity of STAR TREK and the commemoration of the original series, we expect strong demand for this illuminating tribute. So, don't delay and risk disappointment; order now!

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Detail Doll Sugar N Spice Doll

With their innocent smiles, playful personalities and often a sweet dash of sass, it's easy to see that little girls are made from something that's wonderful. So is true when it comes to this little sweetheart! The darling Sugar 'N' Spice Child Doll by Master Doll Artist Jane Bradbury is 10 inches of sweet charm you won't be able to resist! Exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this adorable poseable child doll is exquisitely handcrafted in artist's resin and meticulously hand-painted. You'll love how her eyes sparkle with delight at the swirly puffs of cotton candy she holds in her hand. Plus, this darling girl arrives ready to sweeten your day in a pink-and-brown pleated sundress and pink pantaloons while a charming headband confection trims her hair. For the perfect finishing touch, her sandals are adorned with pretty beads and ribbon. Strong demand is expected for this Jane Bradbury lifelike doll, so hurry. Order now!

Price: $79.99 | Merchant: The Bradford Exchange Online