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Diamond DCM C310 Baseball Catchers Mitt

Diamond DCM Baseball Catchers Mitt

Features:Game ready durable leatherLightweight interlock mesh finger slotsCushioned palm padFlat two-piece webOpen back styling31 catcher's patternPosition: Catcher's Sport: Baseball Style: Right-Handed Throw. ...

Price: $49.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey | Date: Apr-25, 2018

Wilson A800 Game SoftFit BBCM32 32 Youth Baseball Catchers Mitt

Sometimes you don't have all winter to break in a glove; that's why Wilson developed a glove with a great fit that is soft and 100% game readyExclusive Ecco Leather is engineered specifically to provide softness on the first day of ownership and durability for years to come2X Palm Construction uses a thin; strategically cut piece of leather that is placed between the palm liner and the outer shell; providing maximum pocket stability and a quicker break-inFull leather construction for unequalled break-in and conforms to your hand betterLow Profile Heel makes the glove more flexible; opens up the palm and pocket; and makes the glove more forgiving on bad-hop grounders32'' youth catcher's model1/2 Moon web

Price: $69.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey

Wilson A800 Game SoftFit BBCM34 34 Baseball Catchers Mitt

The A800 Game Ready Softfit line from Wilson lives up to its name - "Game Ready". These gloves are crafted with an extremely soft; pliable leather to provide that game ready construction. Along with the being ready to play as soon as they arrive; these gloves are at a very affordable price-point; which is perfect for the player that may be new to the sport and looking for a glove that will get the job done; without doing too much damage to the wallet. The BBCM34 is 34" in diameter and ideal for the catcher that prefers a bigger mitt with a deeper pocket. This glove features Wilson's 1/2 -Moon web; for a secure and durable pocket when catching a fastball or smothering a ball in the dirt. The shell; palm and lacing are composed of Wilson's Exclusive Cheyenne Penny Leather; which as previously mentioned; is extremely soft and pliable. This leather requires minimal work for breaking-in and creating the desired pocket - and when cared for properly; will hold up game-after-game. The hand opening for this glove features a conventional; open back with a laced binding. The conventional back allows for extra ventilation; while the laced binding provides a secure and snug fit - keeping the glove in place; even during the toughest plays.Also featured; an extended palm that will reduce the rebound effect. Upon arrival; the A800 glove is 100% ready to hit the field; requiring virtually no break-in time.

Price: $64.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey

Star CM1000TM The Donut Baseball Catchers Training Mitt

The absolute best mitt for working on quick transfer speedsThis vintage style catching mitt modernized with the All-Star black/tan leather is a tool recommended by catchers; coaches; and teams for developing the fastest transfer speedsWhen received into the pocket correctly; high speed balls can be caught when transfered to throwing handPerfect for working on general receiving skills tooBalls which hit the pocket drop straight to the floor while balls missed rebound away33 1/2'' catcher's training mittAge Group: Adult; Position: Catcher; Size: 33.5; Sport: Baseball; Style: Right-Handed Throw

Price: $114.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey

Game Ready GR 200 31 5 Youth Baseball Catchers Mitt

This high performing youth glove comes broken in ready to use in a game right out of the packageUSA steer hide is some of the strongest leather in the worldVRS Palm Pad reduces sting of ball impact31.5'' youth catcher's mittExtended palm web

Price: $36.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey

Shop Cat Trainer Catchers Training Mitt

Full size 32'' catcher's mitt with half size webMitt forces catcher to receive ball in the small web producing correct mechanics behind the plate2 1/2'' webComes practice-ready broken in for instant useFull-grain American steerhideAge Group: Adult; Position: Catcher; Size: 32; Sport: Training

Price: $54.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey

Joe Professional Model 3200CM 32 Baseball Catchers Mitt

Individually hand-cut and sewn from Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather HidesHand-rubbed with old time ingredients to soften the leather before they go through Shoeless Joe's breaking in process that leaves the glove with a beaten up and ''Game WornT'' look and feel32'' catcher's model2-Piece Closed web

Price: $169.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey

Shop Shoeless Joe Professional Model 3400CM 34 Baseball Catchers

Individually hand-cut and sewn from Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather HidesHand-rubbed with old time ingredients to soften the leather before they go through Shoeless Joe's breaking in process that leaves the glove with a beaten up and ''Game WornT'' look and feel34'' catcher's model2-Piece Closed web

Price: $169.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey

CP Kip FC11 33 Baseball Catchers Mitt

The Vinci CP Kip series is constructed of the thickest Kip leather in the industry at 6.5 oz.On average; Kip leather is more durable and 20% lighter than US Steerhide due to the Kip leather's tighter fibersKip leather is also known for its quicker break in time over US Steerhide100 lb. tensile strength leaces with lace through fingers for a better feel and longer durabilityReinforced finger stays in the thumb and pinky help keep the shape of the glove year after year33'' catcher's modelOpen backTraditional webIncludes glove oil for easier break in

Price: $174.99 | Merchant: Homerun Monkey