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Rubber Band

Detail Rubber Band

Glass Pro - 19 - Rubber Band. ...

Price: $34.32 | Merchant: | Date: Nov-24, 2017

Detail Glasser Fiberglass Bow 4 4

Glasser fiberglass bows offer students a good alternative to inexpensive wood bows, since they are more durable and will not warp. These violin bows are fiberglass with horsehair.

Price: $71.50 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music

Specifics Advanced Composite Cello Bow 1 2 Size

These bows combine the finest composite materials and high-tech computerized design. The shafts feature the resilience and the liveliness of wood while retaining strength, stiffness, and consistency for years. They will never warp or need recambering like wood bows. Fully German silver-lined ebony frog with Parisian eye. Imitation leather grip. High-grade horsehair. Made in the USA.

Price: $311.75 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music

Specifics 203SH Premium Fiberglass Violin Bow 1 2

Premium Fiberglass - Featuring a nickel silver grip, the premium fiberglass bow is comfortable in the hand and plays with outstanding responsiveness. It offers the same weight and feel as a student model Brazil wood bow, yet it will not warp or break at the tip. The standard is brown and features genuine white unbleached horsehair and a leatherette grip.

Price: $91.00 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music