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Revolution And Constitutionalism In The Ottoman Empire And Iran

Shop Revolution Constitutionalism In The Ottoman Empire Iran

The comparison highlights many similarities in the powers struggles, including the paradox inherent in the constitutional revolutions. In his book on constitutional revolutions in the Ottoman Empire and Iran, Nader Sohrabi considers global diffusion of institutions and ideas, their regional and local networking, and the long-term consequences for adaptation to local exigencies. Furthermore, the suddenness and simultaneity of their appearance point to a commonality that transcended the localities. As a wave of democratic social movements, under the influence of velvet revolutions, is sweeping the Middle East, this book calls attention to an earlier wave that swept the region a century ago. Furthermore, it provides a strong case that macrostructural preconditions alone cannot explain the occurrence of revolutions rather, global waves, intervention of agency, and additional contingent events work together to bring them about in competition with other possible outcomes. Comparison also affords exploration of a key difference: the reason for greater resilience of democratic institutions in the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey in contrast to Iran. The revolutions, despite the differing social structures of the societies in which they happened, shared the same objectives and demands. There are lessons to be learned here. Beyond concern for how and why revolutions happen, the book offers a comparative account of the process of institutionalizing constitutionalism in two settings. Arguing that revolutions are time-bound phenomena whose forms follow global models in vogue at particular historical junctures, the book challenges the ahistorical and purely local understanding of them. ...

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European Constitutionalism In Crisis

Hardcover, Taylor & Francis, 2014, ISBN13 9781138801608, ISBN10 1138801607

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Shop Global Constitutionalism

Hardcover, Cambridge Univ Pr, 2014, ISBN13 9781107022256, ISBN10 1107022258

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Store Same Marriage And American Constitutionalism

Paperback, Consortium Book Sales & Dist, 2015, ISBN13 9781589881020, ISBN10 1589881028

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New And World Order

Author: Gill, Stephen Hardcover (388 pages) Publisher: Cambridge University Press, February 2014

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American Rights And Liberties

In this groundbreaking text, three highly acclaimed scholars provide historical context that puts the politics back into constitutional studies. Constitutionalism in the United States is not determined solely by decisions made by the Supreme Court. Mo

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Among State Supreme Courts Advancing State Constitutionalism

Hardcover, Lfb Scholarly Pub Llc, 2014, ISBN13 9781593327590, ISBN10 1593327595

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Of Nonviolence Revolution Constitutionalism And Justice Beyond The Middle East

In 2011, the Middle East saw more people peacefully protesting long entrenched dictatorships than at any time in its history. The dictators of Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen were deposed in a matter of weeks by nonviolent marches. Imprecisely described as 'the Arab Spring', the revolution has been convulsing the whole region ever since. Beyond an uneven course in different countries, Philosophy of Nonviolence examines how 2011 may have ushered in a fundamental break in world history. The break, the book argues, is animated by nonviolence as the new spirit of the philosophy of history. Philosophy of Nonviolence maps out a system articulating nonviolence in the revolution, the rule of constitutional law it yearns for, and the demand for accountability that inspired the revolution in the first place. Part One-Revolution, provides modern context to the generational revolt, probes the depth of Middle Eastern-Islamic humanism, and addresses the paradox posed by nonviolence to the 'perpetual peace' ideal. Part Two-Constitutionalism, explores the reconfiguration of legal norms and power structures, mechanisms of institutional change and constitution-making processes in pursuit of the nonviolent anima. Part Three-Justice, covers the broadening concept of dictatorship as crime against humanity, an essential part of the philosophy of nonviolence. It follows its frustrated emergence in the French revolution, its development in the Middle East since 1860 through the trials of Arab dictators, the pyramid of accountability post-dictatorship, and the scope of foreign intervention in nonviolent revolutions. Throughout the text, Professor Mallat maintains thoroughly abstract and philosophical arguments, while substantiating those arguments in historical context enriched by a close participation in the ongoing Middle East revolution.

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