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NRS E 120 Self Bailing Rafts

Guide NRS 120 Self Bailing Rafts

Trouble-free Leafield (TM) C7 Valves ensure easy inflation/deflation of the tubes, thwarts and floor, and the Leafield A6 Pressure Relief Valve protects the floor. 18"" tubes and 5'6""' width make the E-120 sporty but surefooted in technical water. Full-coverage HD40 floor armor on the bottoms and sides of the tubes guards your boat from the wear and tear of boulders and beaches. Like an ant, this 12' inflatable boat is small but strong - able to take on waves many times it's size. The E-120 is responsive and fun in whitewater and makes a great compact fishing boat. Self-bailing floor with quick-draining holes allows you to leave the bucket at home. The BAT (TM) (Batten Attachment Thwart system) lets you easlily add or remove thwarts to accommodate paddlers or a rowing frame. Heavy-duty Pennel OrcaA (R) material is super abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant for unmatched durability. Will seat up to 6 paddlers with optional third thwart. 14 2"" D-rings and 6 handles make rigging and launching the E-120 a snap. Four main tube air chambers give you extra security in emergency situations. ...

Price: $4325.00 | Merchant: NRS | Date: Mar-23, 2018