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Flash Frame Flashflip Bracket Black

Flash Frame Bracket Black

This Flash Frame FlashFlip FF100 bracket places your camera's flash directly over the camera lens to help eliminate red-eye and side shadows. ...

Price: $59.99 | Merchant: Best Buy | Date: Feb-19, 2018

Detail Flash Frame Flashflip H O T Bracket

Designed to let you shoot with your hands on top of your camera, this Flash Frame FlashFlip H.O.T. FF400 bracket enables comfortable use in the horizontal and vertical positions and helps eliminate red-eye and unwanted side shadows.

Price: $68.99 | Merchant: Best Buy

Flash Flashflip Pf Bracket Black

This Flash Frame FlashFlip PF FF200 bracket places your camera's flash above the lens in the vertical or horizontal position to help reduce red-eye and shadows. The platform base provides stability for large cameras.

Price: $69.99 | Merchant: Best Buy

Details Flash Flashflip Vf Bracket Black

This Flash Frame FlashFlip VF FF300 bracket places your camera's flash directly over the camera lens to help eliminate red-eye and side shadows. Metal construction delivers durability and accommodates large DSLR or medium format cameras.

Price: $84.99 | Merchant: Best Buy

Specials Custom Brackets CN JR Anti Twist Mount Canon And Nikon Flash Cords

The Custom Brackets CN-JR Anti-Twist Mount for Canon and Nikon Flash Cords is a mount designed to prevent Canon and Nikon flash cords from rotating away from the mounting screw. Canon - Off-camera cord 2 Canon - OC-E3 Off-camera cord 3 Nikon - SC-17, SC-28, SC-29 Not required for shoe mounted flash.

Price: $15.00 | Merchant: Pictureline

Specials Rapid Product PRO Flash Rotating Bracket With 1 4 In Mount

. The Custom Brackets Rapid Fire PRO Flash-Rotating Bracket with 1/4 In. Mount is a fully adjustable lightweight and compact flash rotating bracket for the photographer on the go. Features: The only roller bearing bracket for flash rotation available Consistent lighting (horizontal - vertical) Accepts all cameras with and without add-on vertical grips / battery packs Built in camera anti-twist and flash anti-twist Lightweight aluminum construction weighs only 10 oz. Battery compartment accessibility Stands upright using a fold-out leg Folds flat for storage 7 x 4-3/4 x 1-1/2 In. 1/4 x 20 In. tripod mount

Price: $249.95 | Merchant: GoldenMine

Info CB Guides RC Camera Flash Bracket

. The CB Mini-RC allows full accessibility to the vertical shutter release on your camera. This updated version has built-in adjustable camera anti-twist feature and is specifically designed for Canon and Nikon camera / flash combination. The Custom Brackets CB Mini-RC Camera & Flash Bracket has a wide cork-padded camera platform to support a digital 35mm film or medium format camera. The 1/4'-20 camera screw can be adjusted for cameras of different thickness. Features: Professional-looking design Black anodized aluminum for strength and light weight Anti-twist feature for off-camera cord Mounts on tripod via 1/4'-20 threaded socket

Price: $55.00 | Merchant: GoldenMine

Specifics Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 880 Lb Capacity Achat Duty White Plastic Folding Chair With Built In Ganging Brackets

Plastic folding chairs are the choice of many event planners for their lightweight design, ease of cleaning, and versatility among events. This folding chair will make a practical choice in the home or for hosting outdoor events. After an event you can stack them on top of each other or in a row. (RUT-I-WHITE-GG)

Price: $37.52 | Merchant:

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Heavy Duty 3 Barato Padded Burgundy Patterned Upholstered Stack Chair With Arms And Ganging Bracket

This versatile stack chair can be used in a multitude of settings from small to large. Use this chair in the church, office, classroom, training room or in the home. This chair will also make a great guest chair for keeping visitors comfortable during office meetings. You can create uniform, row seating with the included ganging bracket. Not only is this chair comfortable, but it is very durable featuring a heavy duty frame with bumper guards that will prevent the finish on the frame from being scratched when stacked. To make transporting even easier, equip yourself with the appropriate sized stack chair dolly. So when in need of temporary or permanent seating this multi-purpose stack chair is sure to meet the needs for any venue.

Price: $72.90 | Merchant: