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Impecca IWA06QR15 6 000 Btu Electronic Controlled Window Air Conditioner With Remote

Impecca IWA06QR15 6 000 Btu Electronic Controlled Window Conditioner With Remote Special

Choose the Air Conditioner That's right for you roomRoom ConditionsTo maximize your unit's cooling efficiency Calculate the required BTU according to the conditions of the room in which it will be placed. For rooms with a lot of sunlight choose a unit with at least 10% more BTUs than what is required by the size of the room. If the room will contain more than 2 people on a regular basis add an additional 600 BTUs per person. For kitchens select a unit with 4 000more BTUs than what is required by the size of the room. Energy saverUnit turns off when desired temperature is reachedClean Filter IndicatorSave energy and maximize cooling by cleaning your filter when indicatedRemote ControlAdjust temperature controls and settings from anywhere in the roomProgrammable 24 Hour DelaySave energy by running your AC only when you need it4 Way Air DirectionGuide the air flow up down right or left3 Cooling Speeds 3 Fan SpeedsReduce noise level and save money with lowered cooling and fan settingsAuto RestartAutomatically resume previous settings when turning the unit back on Cools up to 250 Sq. ...

Price: $287.05 | Merchant: Walmart US | Date: May-22, 2018

Impecca 18000 BTU Electronic Window Air Conditioner W Special

Impecca (IWA18-QS30) 18,000 BTU Electronic Window Air Conditioner with Remote has features in its design that ensures its practicality, alongside its energy efficiency. EER and CEER energy ratings ensure that the product is environmentally friendly to standardized measurements. An energy saving mode, and a clean filter indicator, are such features that create the environmentally friendly nature of the unit. The product features a 18,000 BTU, making it suited for a range of environments. Power Cord: This unit features a 4 foot power cord, giving the product a range of movement Functionality: A slide out chassis, and 1 year warranty ensures that the product will be easy to maintain, and easy to fix, giving you confidence in your AC Environmentally Friendly: The product functions with an eco-friendly refrigerant, using R-410A, an environmentally friendly element Air Direction Flow: The product allows you control over the direction of the air flow, guiding the air conditioning up, down, left or right. This not only increases the efficiency of the product; it also gives it the ability to adapt to different situations Size: This unit has a cooling capacity of up to 1,000 square feet, making it suited to environments beyond domestic settings, a range including commercial settings

Price: $499.99 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Impecca 14000 BTU Air Conditioner Amp Heater Special

A single hose air conditioner/heater that brings total control of temperature to any room in any home or office with its practical design, high-powered components and a wealth of customizable options. This portable air conditioner and heater from Impecca cools areas up to 500 square feet around it at 14,000 BTU/hr and can heat the same space at 11,000 BTU/hr for quick and comprehensive temperature changes. Can be moved easily from room to room with its built-in casters and handles for easy manoeuvrability. 14,000 BTU/hr Cooling:Utilizes 14,000 BTU worth of power when cooling room for a quick effect 11,000 BTU/hr Heating:Heating is also very powerful, ensuring that the ideal temperature you want is reached in next to no time Portable:Easy to move around with included handles and casters and an 89 foot cord to provide flexibility when positioning the conditioner Multi-Speed Fan:Included fan operates at three different speeds, allowing easy customization of temperature change rate. Work at: low, medium and fast Auto Restart:Unit will restart automatically after a power cut, and retain all the settings that were inputted from before the power outage User Friendly Controls:Simple on/off operation with handy configuration to help time air conditioning or present the current room temperature in either degreeC or degreeF

Price: $579.99 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Impecca 16500 BTU Volt Portable Air Conditioner Buy

Very powerful 16,500 BTU/hr cooling power from this practical air conditioner/heater from Impecca. The compact and portable design allows it to be utilized in multiple areas to create a pleasant climate throughout the home or office building. Comes fitted with air filters to keep the air clean, and features several modes for heightened air conditioning. Dry mode takes excess moisture out of the air in order to lower humidity. The combination of this units portability and the broad 650 square foot radius of effect means you can treat entire buildings with cool, clean air. Portable:Easy to move around and place in whichever room is in the most need of a change of temperature. Stores away conveniently for the cooler periods of the year Controlled Temperature:Temperature is well-controlled and displayed on the front of the unit to show current room temperature in degreeF or degreeC Broad Influence:This unit can both heat and cool an area as big as 650 square feet for widespread temperature regulation Sleep Mode Included:Mode that allows unit to operate at a very quiet level is well-suited for temperature regulating during the night-time Automatic Restart:This unit will automatically restart itself after a power outage, and in doing so will keep all of its previous settings without the need to re-enter them

Price: $599.99 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Impecca 12 000 115 Volt Built In Air Conditioner Details

Stay cool and comfy in your home with the Impecca 12,000 BTU 115 Volt Built-In Air Conditioner (ITAC12-KSA21) on the job this summer. Operating this air conditioner is a dream thanks to an intuitive digital control panel and remote control included. This places a number of smart features at your fingertips including Energy Saver and Sleep modes. It even does its part for the environment being ENERGY STAR compliant.Adaptable Design: To meet your unique schedule, this air conditioner features a 24-hour timer.Filter Indicator: An indicator alerts you to when the air filter needs to be changed without any guesswork.Efficient Use: This ENERGY STAR-compliant air conditioner reduces energy use without sacrificing power with smart features like Energy Saver and Sleep modes.

Price: $449.00 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Impecca 10 000 BTU 115 Volt Built In Conditioner

Beat the oppressive summer heat with the Impecca 10,000 BTU 115 Volt Built-In Air Conditioner (ITAC10-KSA21) transforming your home into a cooling oasis. You can navigate this air conditioner's plethora of smart features via the intuitive digital control panel or included remote. It's even doing its part for the environment thanks to an ENERGY STAR rating.Adaptable Design: This air conditioner is ready to suit your schedule with a 24-hour timer.Auto Restart: If there is a power failure, the auto restart feature automatically returns this air conditioner to your previous settings once power is returned.Environmentally Friendly: ENERGY STAR compliant, this air conditioner features Energy Saver and Sleep modes to conserve energy without sacrificing power.

Price: $479.00 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Impecca 12000 BTU 230 Volt Built In Air W Heat

Impecca (ITAH-12KRB ) 12000 BTU Built In Air Conditioner with Heater functions as both a heater and cooler; the unit fixes into a wall, keeping your windows clear and the need for two separate units obsolete. The remote control, as well as the LED display allow you to effectively control the temperature of the unit. Features in the product ensure its practicality and energy efficiency, the unit is not only environmentally friendly but also saves you money. Dripless Technology: Of both the heating and cooling capacities, the unit features dripless technology, ensuring the product functions smoothly Multiple Functions: Unlike other air conditioning units, this product can both heat and cool a room, dependent on your needs. This makes the unit useful in more ways than one, and also saves space Warranty: The product comes with a 1 year warranty, including parts and labor, demonstrating the brand's faith in their products LED Display:with an LED display, you can easily and efficiently manage the temperature of your room Noise: The product has a indoor noise level of 1.1, making it suited to domestic environments

Price: $599.99 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Impecca BTU Electronic Window Air Conditioner W Remote Details

Impecca (IWA15-QS30) 14,300 BTU Electronic Window Air Conditioner with Remote comes from a brand renowned for its AC technologies. The brand not only ensures the practicality and the quality of the products, but also the energy efficiency rating of the units. The company's faith in the products is shown in the year warranty that comes with the unit, including parts and labor. Programmable Delay: The unit features a programmable delay of up to 24 hours, letting you set your air conditioning unit to your schedule and needs Chassis: This unit features a slide out chassis, as oppose to the fixed chassis of smaller more compact units. This makes maintenance and repairs easier Power Cord: This product includes a 6 foot power cord, much longer than the cords on similar AC units, giving you flexibility in the products placement Energy Saver Mode:To conserve power use, the unit will turn off when the desired temperature setting is reached. This not only means you don't have to power off the unit yourself, it also saves you money Clean Filter Indicator: When the product is no longer functioning as efficiently as it could, the clean filter indicator will let you know that your AC needs maintenance, ensuring that your product functions resourcefully

Price: $449.99 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Impecca Best BTU Electronic Mini Window Air Conditioner Buy Now

Impecca (IWA06-QR15) 6000 BTU Electronic Mini Window Air Conditioner has features in its design to effectively cool your room, yet not take up the space of larger units. Elements such as 3 cooling and fan speeds ensure that the unit can adapt to your needs, and function in an energy efficient manner. Paired with a programmable 24 hour delay, meaning you only have to use the unit when you need to, make it a practical and useful unit to keep your house cool 4 Way Air Direction: This unit allows you to control the direction in which it outputs air, giving you greater influence over the way in which the product functions Auto Restart: After being turned off, the unit will automatically resume the previous settings when it is reactivated, so you don't have to input your preferred settings before every use Functionality: This unit has the capacity to cool up to 250 square feet, with the BTU of 6,000 Size: This unit is smaller than alternative air conditioners, making it suitable for smaller rooms, houses or apartments Power Cord:The product comes with a 6 foot power cord, giving you flexibility in its positioning and use

Price: $249.99 | Merchant: Compact Appliance