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Heat Fab 2808B Black Pipe Length Heat Fab 2808B 8 X 48 Stove Pipe Length

Comparison Heat Fab Black Pipe Length Heat Fab 8 X 48 Stove Pipe Length

22 gauge cold-roll steel Uses: For coal and wood burning fireplaces and central heaters Fuels: Coal, Wood Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty. 6" 8" diameters. With an invisible seam, finished with high-quality silicone-based black stove paint, it looks as smart as it performs. Heat-Fab, 2808B, Stove Pipe, SAF-T Pipe, Vent Pipe, Pipe Length, Saf-T Pipe is made from 22-gauge cold-rolled steel, which is up to 60% thicker than pipe sold in mass-market stores. Technical Specifications: Single-wall. ...

Price: $58.37 | Merchant: | Date: May-23, 2018

Specifics HeatFab 316 5 X 24 Saf T Liner

HeatFab 5 x 24 Saf-T Liner 316-Alloy. Features: Material: 316-Alloy. For use with wood, coal, gas and oil applications. Seam-welded 24-ga. stainless steel. UL Listed to 1777 Standard with 1 clearance with Saf-T Wrap. 10-year warranty for coal. Specifications: Overall Dimensions: 24 (L) x 5 (W) .

Price: $69.40 | Merchant: Walmart US

Comparison Heat Fab Stainless Steel Wall Thimble Heat Fab 8 Saf T Liner 316 Flue Thimble Kit

Heat-Fab, 3008, Rigid Liner, Saf-T Liner 316, Vent Pipe, Wall Thimble, In the last 20 years, thousands of Saf-T Liner systems have been installed. Each system is built to last. We offer a lifetime guarantee because we manufacture products that are simple to install and perform reliably year after year. You can count on it. The Saf-T Liner system is designed to be so easy to install, one professional on the job can do it alone and have time to do another installation the same day. Saf-T Liner and Saf-T Wrap are designed to make installation as trouble-free as possible. Easy to install. Continuous-seam welding. Smooth inside with obstruction-free joints. Manufactured in a wide range of sizes. 316L stainless steel.

Price: $220.44 | Merchant:

Compare Heat Fab Reducer 6 Female To 8 Male Male End Is Crimped

Heat-Fab Black Reducer 6 (female) to 8 (male) Male End Is Crimped. Features: 22 Gauge. Laser-welded seams. 5-year Limited Warranty.

Price: $42.16 | Merchant: Walmart US