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Micro Jig MJ Splitter TM For Table Saw

Reviewed Micro Jig MJ Splitter TM For Table

Improve Table Saw Safety. The affordable Micro Jig MJ Splitter (TM) system is simple to use, exact, and extremely effective. ...

Price: $30.99 | Merchant: Rockler | Date: Nov-24, 2017

Reviewed DeWalt DW3705 5 4 Inch Jig Saw 5 Pack

Jigsaw blades universal shank cobalt steel. 4 inch, 8 teeth per inch. Card of 5 Cobalt steel. Reinforced tooth design protects the teeth from damage and stays sharper longer. Side chip path helps to quickly remove debris and clear the channel for cleaner and smoother cuts. Fits dewalt and other universal shank jigsaws. Metal, plastic, aluminum and fiberglass. ...

Price: $11.99 | Merchant:

Skil 4295 01 4 5 Amp Variable Jig Saw

4.5 Amp Variable Speed Jig Saw - 4295-01. Jig Saw Blade. Powerful 4.5 Amp motor. Tool-less blade change accepts both T and U shank blades. 2-finger variable speed trigger adjusts speed to cut. Dust blower keeps cut line clear. Quick change open foot design improves visibility of cut line. On tool blade storage

Price: $34.99 | Merchant: CPO

Reviews Vulcan 823420OR 5 Piece U Shank Jig Blade Set

Jigsaw blade sets universal shank -5 piece bi-metalvulcan carded Includes 1 each: No.3821360 metal & plastic cutting blade with 14 TPI, No.7140932 metal cutting blade with 24 TPI, No.9443441 metal cutting blade with 18 TPI, No.1743913 Fast rough cutting blade with 10 TPI, No.2890960 Fast rough cutting blade with 6 TPI. ...

Price: $6.79 | Merchant:

Black Amp Decker BDEJS600C 5 Amp MMP Select Jig Saw

5 Amp MMP Smart Select Jig Saw - BDEJS600C. Jig Saw Blade. Curve Control technology allows you to adjust the saw's orbit in 1 of 4 customized settings to help complete your specific project. 5 amp variable-speed motor generates up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power. This saw can make bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees. New and improved Wire Guard which provides clear line of sight for precise cuts

Price: $37.99 | Merchant: CPO

Reviewed T101A3 4 Inch Jig Saw Blade

Jigsaw blades t shank -high speed steel, 4 inch length with 14 teeth per inch High speed steel. Ground teeth and taper ground backing. Fine, straight cuts in nonferrous metal, plexiglas 5/4 inches yo 3/4 inches; aluminum 5/64 inches to 3/8 inches. ...

Price: $10.39 | Merchant:

Reviewed Bosch Jig Saw Blade 5 Pack

Jigsaw blades t shank -high carbon steel 3 inch length with 20 teeth per inch, card of 5 High carbon steel. Ground and pointed teeth for fine, splinter-free cuts on both sides of the workpiece. Also works without orbiting action. WOOD CUTTING: Curve cutting in plywood, plastics, laminated particleboard, hard and soft wood 5/64 inches -3/4 inches. ...

Price: $6.89 | Merchant:

DeWalt Universal Shank Jig Saw Blade Set With Case 10 Piece

Jigsaw blade sets universal shank 10 piece Fits dewalt and other universal shank jigsaws for wood and metal cutting. Includes (4) 6, (4) 10 and (2) 12-teeth per inch blades. Made from hcs material. Mi-metal construction offers greater blade life and durability in all cutting applications. ...

Price: $18.79 | Merchant:

Micro MJ Splitter TM For Table Saw

Improve Table Saw Safety! The affordable Micro Jig MJ Splitter (TM) system is simple to use, exact, and extremely effective. Produces virtually burn-free cuts! Features: Low-profile splitter also serves as a mini featherboard for the keeper piece behind the saw blade Designed to be used on a Zero Clearance Insert with or without the Micro Jig GRR-Ripper System (sold separately) 37477 for use with 1/8"" Kerf Saw Blades only 21505 for use with Thin Kerf Blades Use for making 90 degree cuts only and will not accommodate cuts with a tilted arbor Includes two splitters to achieve four offsets to the blade Easy to install

Price: $30.99 | Merchant: Rockler