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Sea Pet Omega 3 Fish Oil 32 Oz
Sea Pet Omega Oz 32 3 Fish Oil

Sea Pet Omega 3 Fish Oil 32 fl. o.z provides the biologically available forms of omega 3 essential fatty acids. There are approximately 192 teaspoons in an 32 fl o.z bottle. Results are normally seen within 2 3 weeks. After 4 5, weeks we suggest that you may gradually reduce down to the maintenance level for the continued well being of your pet. Suggested daily amounts can be squirted onto your pets food. pets weight initial loading maintenance under 30 lbs 1 tsp 1 2 tsp 30 60 lbs 2 tsp 1 tsp...

High Tech Pet RX 10 Multi Function Collar For X 10 Electronic Dog Fence System

High Tech Pet RX Multi Function Collar For X Electronic Dog Fence System

It controls the Power Pet door, indoor Sound Barrier and Radio Mat, and the outdoor Yard Barrier and Humane Contain systems. This ultra-slim, fully waterproof collar weighs only 1.5 oz, is rechargeable, built-in system status LED, built-in stimulus tester, pulsed proportional stimulus, and an on/off switch. This RX-10 multi-function collar has an ultrasonic transmitter and radio receiver to control 5 different systems. ...

Price: $99.99 | Merchant: Gander Mountain | Date: Mar-21, 2018

High Tech Pet Humane Contain RC Collar For HC 000 Electric Fence

The new RC-8 ULTRA-COLLAR is simply the most advanced radio dog containment collar made. The radio box is Ultra-light, weighing only 1.2 oz, and packed with features not found on any other radio collar. The RC-8 has a built-it stimulus test lamp that let's you test the shock output without having to deal with a cumbersome external test lamp. Operating condition is checked continuously by the collar's internal computer chip. An auto-flashing LED tells you that the collar is fully operational. The RC-8 is fully waterproof and features a tone speaker that transmits sound directly to the outside world. (Other collars transmit sound through the casing.) That means the RC-8 gives you louder training tones for faster boundary training. Add to all that a beautiful, yet nearly indestructible, poly-elastomer strap that is integral with the radio box and you've got THE sta.

Price: $79.99 | Merchant: Gander Mountain

PetSafe Instant Fence Wireless Pet Containment

Set outdoor boundaries for your dog with the PetSafe Instant Fence Wireless Pet Containment System. The system is completely portable with no wires to bury so you can take it with you to a new home or on vacation. With an adjustable circular area of up to 0.5 acre, you can choose the safe zone that best fits your yard and your dog. The collar features five adjustable levels of correction and a beep-only mode. The system also provides run-through protection to prevent jumping over or digging under the system. Covers an adjustable circular area of up to a half acreFive adjustable levels of correction plus beep-only mode for thorough trainingTransmitter includes power adapterCompletely portable with no wires to bury so system can be transferred to another yard when neededRun-through protection prevents your dog from jumping over or digging under the perimeterSet up in 1 - 2 hour.

Price: $279.99 | Merchant: Gander Mountain

Shop Sea Eagle Sea Eagle Inflatable Sup LB11K ST

There's no better way to get a great workout on the water than a stand-up paddleboard. Work your arms, midsection and legs all at the same time to burn the maximum amount of calories in a short time. The Sea Eagle Longboard uses Drop Stitch construction, which allows a much higher air pressure than other inflatable technologies. This means the board can hold 12 pounds of air pressure. It will perform like a fiberglass board even though it can pack in a bag.

Price: $1060.86 | Merchant: Walmart US

Order Here Sea Eagle Longboard 11 Stand Up Paddleboard SUP

The LongBoard LB11 is the first inflatable paddle board that allows you to paddle while sitting or standing. Use this paddle board as a great way to work out on the water. Sit down or stand up paddlingD-rings and shock cords to secure gearDrop stitch inflatable construction provides tremendous rigiditySkid-resistant padInflates in four (4) minutesWeighs 18 poundsDeluxe package includes: One (1) SUP paddleOne (1) AB30 paddleOne (1) DKS seatNylon carry bagHigh pressure SUP pump and repair kit

Price: $999.00 | Merchant: Walmart US

Compared Smarty Pets Detailed Battery For Automatic Pet Door

This 12V, rechargeable lead-acid battery may be used for all Smarty Pets brand automatic pet doors. Used as a back-up battery in addition to your AC wall adapter, it will keep your Smarty Pets Automatic Door operating during a power outage. The battery will recharge automatically when power is restored. To operate your Smarty Pets electronic pet door on battery only without an AC wall connection order the optional battery charger kit (SP-PBK-12-13) .

Price: $19.88 | Merchant: Sam's Club