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Doctors Traveler Plaque And Tartar Remover Twin Pack 1 Each 3 Pack

Guide Doctors Traveler Plaque Affordable Tartar Remover Twin Pack 1 Each 3 Pack

Using The Doctors Traveler removes plaque and tartar from between teeth where brushing & flossing alone can't reach. DIRECTIONS: Use Traveler everyday for good oral hygiene and effective plaque control See your dentist or hygienist regularly for good oral hygiene Clean Traveler with soap and hot water after use. At least once a week, clean the Traveler with alcohol and rinse in water Keep Traveler covered when not in use Keep Traveler out of reach of children. UPC: 042037100018 - Doctors Traveler Plaque And Tartar Remover, Twin Pack, 1 Each, 3 Pack - Doctors Traveler Plaque and Tartar Remover Removes plaque and tartar. INDICATIONS: Keeps teeth white. Removes plaque and tartar Fights gingivitis Stimulates gums to reduce bleeding Removes trapped food particles. It also removes food particles caught between teeth which can cause bad breath. ...

Price: $8.81 | Merchant: Walmart US | Date: Nov-24, 2017

Guide HEET Gas Line Am Besten Gunstig Amp Water Remover

HEET Gas-Line Antifreeze and Water Remover: Safe for use in all 4-cycle engines including fuel injected enginesPrevents gas-line freeze-upRemoves water from fuel systemPrevents rust and corrosion

Price: $5.87 | Merchant: Walmart US


Water removerRemoves water to fight gas line freeze, hesitation and rough idlingCleans the fuel system to unclog fuel injectorsCleans carburetors and reduces intake valve depositsOne bottle treats up to 20 gallons

Price: $14.41 | Merchant: Walmart US

Guides Lewis Amp Clark Bewertungen

This small wood-cased compass is a replica of the one used by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to guide their way on their journey through uncharted territories. 1""h x 3"" sq.

Price: $48.00 | Merchant: Monticello

Detailed Lewis Fishing 403 Stage 2 Leader Ande Commandez Ici 5 0 Mustad Set

Don't waste fishing time making leaders, let us do it for you. Just clip the loop on our Stage 2 leader to the snap swivel on your fishing line and you're ready to go! Remove the yellow cap before baiting your hook. CAREFUL, the hook is sharp. When used with our Stage 1 Float Leader your total length will be almost 15 feet. This leader has about 12" of wire to help catch the toothy critters. Stage 2 - Wire Leader Set - 3 Pak of 13' 50# Ande mono and wire with 5/0 Mustad hook.

Price: $12.99 | Merchant: TackleDirect