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Nilfisk Family Vac Power Nozzle M70031

Family Vac Power Nozzle M70031

For use with the Nilfisk Family Vac. part # M70031) (replaces # 01629101). ...

Price: $374.95 | Merchant: Sylvane | Date: May-24, 2018

Savings Nilfisk 1000CR Vacuum Cleaner

Stainless steel cleanroom vacuum with ULPA filter - includes Safe-Pak option for safe collection, containment, and disposal of potent compounds.

Price: $1878.22 | Merchant: Sylvane

Nilfisk VT60

Upgraded package with cleanroom option for filtration of motor carbon dust from exhaust system for cleanroom use.

Price: $3378.95 | Merchant: Sylvane

Compared Eliminator Vacuum Wands 0116451010

2 Nilfisk GWD120 Vacuum wands. (mfg. part# 0116451010)

Price: $45.95 | Merchant: Sylvane