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Vitality Equine Shoglow Detangler And Shine Gallon
Vitality Equine Shoglow Gallon Shine Detangler

Vitality Equine ShoGlow Detangle and Shine eliminates tangles and knots providing effortless grooming. Contains silicone to leave the mane and tail silky smooth and shiny. Grooming is effortless and time spent is greatly reduced. Your horse will have a lustrous shine with Vitality Equine ShoGlow. Fortified with Vitamin E Provides lustrous shine Reduces grooming time. Vitality equine shoglow detangler and shine gallon .

Vitality Equine Detangler Amp Shine Shoglow 32 Oz

Reduced Equine Detangler Amp Shine Shoglow 32 Oz

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