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Pera 9 Bronze One Light Mini Pendant With Carrera Glass

Guide Pera Bronze One Light Mini Pendant With Carrera Glass

SVT cord set and an low profile flat monopoint canopy. Our Carrera glass is a classic yet modern decor that gives off a soft white light. The smooth satin finish on the clear outer layer is a result of an extensive etching process. - The Pera 9 is a curvy bell-bottomed shape, that fits nicely into any contemporary design. Each piece of this decor has its own artistic nature that can be individually appreciated. These stylish and functional luminaries are offered in a beautiful brushed Bronze finish. This decor is created by rolling molten glass in small bits of white called frit. Clear molten glass is rolled in alabaster powder like frit, and then blown into shape with a semi-clear frosted white inner finish. The cord pendant fixture is equipped with a 10 ft. This blown glass is handcrafted by a skilled artisan, utilizing century-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. ...

Price: $255.00 | Merchant: Bellacor | Date: Apr-19, 2018