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3 PACK Shed Pro And Reg For Dogs 96 Fl Oz
3 Pack Shed Pro Reg  Dogs 96 Fl Oz

Having pet hair around the house is a normal part of owning a dog. Pet owners understand that like humans, dogs shed hair. We deal with it with an assortment of lint brushes, sticky rollers and an occasionally a clogged vacuum cleaner. When shedding becomes excessive or a problem outside of shedding season, you have a problem that should be addressed. Shed Pro for Dogs may be your solution. Shed Pro for Dogs helps reduce unwanted shedding found on the furniture in your home, as well as on your...

3 PACK Shed Pro For Dogs 96 Fl Oz

PACK Shed Pro For Dogs 96 Fl Oz

Garlic has a high sulfur content that can tone the skin and give hair more luster. Shed-Pro for Dogs provides vitamins, minerals, and natural oils to help maintain healthy moisturized skin and a shiny coat on your dog, which helps minimize, control normal shedding. When your dog's skin is moisturized and healthy, it naturally sheds less. When hair follicles are not clogged and skin has proper moisture, hair falls out less. The ingredient sulfur works with B complex vitamins to support the body's metabolism and keep youthful elasticity in tissues, as well as keeping dandruff from forming. Another important ingredient is Cod Liver Oil, which contains Vitamin A and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) to nourish the skin. Shedding is a normal process and seasonally can increase. Additionally in Cod Liver Oil are Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) to soothe skin in cases where seasonal dryness can cause flaking and itching. Lecithin and Safflower Oil are in Shed-Pro as moisturizers that help dry flaky skin by retaining moisture. The ingredients in Shed-Pro have been carefully selected to support health and moisture of skin so the hair is retained and remains full and healthy. ...

Price: $59.99 | Merchant: EntirelyPets | Date: Mar-19, 2018

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