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Microwave Ring Dish Holder

Review Microwave Ring Dish

Dont risk a burn or spill. Safely remove hot bowls and plates from the microwave with this handy lifter. Easy to use:- Place your bowl, dish or frozen meal on this firm ring and put in the microwave- Lift dishes out without bulky mitts or slippery hot pads- Handles never get hot- Ring even catches drips and boil-overs- Holds bowls 5" and larger, and plates up to 10-1/2" diameter- Store in the microwave so its always handy- Dishwasher safe- Made in the USA. ...

Price: $19.99 | Merchant: Gold Violin | Date: Apr-22, 2018

Cuisinart Turntable Ring Convection Microwave Oven CMW 55BC

Turntable Ring for CMW-55BC

Price: $8.00 | Merchant: Cuisinart Webstore

Review Cuisinart Turntable Ring Stainless Steel Microwave CMW 100

Turntable Ring for CMW-100 and CMW-200

Price: $9.00 | Merchant: Cuisinart Webstore

Holddown Ring Drawn

Frymaster - 810-2091 - Holddown Ring Drawn Pan

Price: $108.36 | Merchant:

Reviews Drawn Pan Ring

Frymaster - 810-2909 - Drawn Pan Holddown Ring

Price: $213.36 | Merchant: