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T S Shure Wooden Indoor And Outdoor Mini Golf Set

T S Shure Wooden Indoor And Outdoor Mini Set

T.S. ...

Price: $29.67 | Merchant: Walmart US | Date: Mar-19, 2018

Review Shure PG Alta 56 Dynamic Instrument Cardioid Microphone XLR Cable

PGA57 Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone Tailored Catridge design for clear sound with amplified instrument and acoustic drum performance and recording.

Price: $74.00 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music

Beta 98H C Cardoid Condenser Instrument Microphone

The Beta 98H/C and the wireless version WB98H/C are premium cardioid condenser instrument microphones that clamp onto the bell of wind instruments or onto the rim of percussion instruments. The integrated gooseneck and ratcheting swivel joint allows the mic to be easily positioned and secured, and an isolation shock-mount reduces the transmission of instrument 'key noise' and other mechanical noise. A gooseneck angle brace is included to provide better retention of the microphone placement during more active performances. Features: The Beta 98 H/C and WB98 H/C feature transformerless preamplifier circuitry which improves linearity across the full frequency range. The pickup pattern provides high gain-before-feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted noise. Its high maximum sound pressure level (SPL) enables it to handle the extreme demands of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. The Beta98H/C features a 3 m (10 ft.) high-flex cable with attached preamplifier (XLR connection) The WB98H/C features a 1.6 m (5.3ft) high-flex cable terminating in a 4-pin mini-connector, for use with wireless bodypack transmitters Tailored frequency response for open, natural sound reproduction Compact, lightweight construction provides a low degree of visibility Gooseneck, ratcheting swivel joint and gooseneck angle brace allow for optimum placement and fixed positioning Legendary Shure ruggedness and reliability Interchangeable replacement cartridges: RPM108 - Cardioid, RPM110 - Supercardioid

Price: $261.00 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music

Reviewed Shure Beta Kit Side Address Instrument Microphone Kit Includes All Available Capsules

Ultra-Compact Side-Address Instrument Microphone Kit comes with one (1) each Cardioid, Supercardioid, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional Polar Pattern Capsules The Shure Beta 181 is an ultra-compact, small-diaphragm side-address condenser microphone, designed for discreet placement and control in live and studio environments. Featuring interchangeable cardioid, supercardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional capsule options for superior versatility, the small diaphragm design provides superior audio with consistent, textbook polar responses in a form factor small enough to get close to the source in the tightest conditions. Features: Interchangeable polar pattern capsules attach to a compact preamplifier with integrated XLR connections for the ultimate in low-profile application flexibility (Each Beta 181 ships with one polar pattern capsule and one XLR preamplifier. Capsules available separately for custom flexibility.) Precision-engineered, compact side-address design features innovative locking ring to provide secure connection between capsule and preamplifier Frequency response tailored for wide dynamic range applications for use in high SPL environments Furnished with stand adapter, windscreen and carrying case (carrying case will securely protect up to four polar pattern capsules) Type: Condenser (Electret) Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Supercardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional Phantom power required: 1152 V DC phantom power (IEC-61938) 2.4 mA, maximum

Price: $1249.00 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music

Shure Beta O Side Address Instrument Microphone

Shure Beta 181/O Ultra-Compact Side-Address Instrument Microphone with Omnidirectional Polar Pattern Capsule

Price: $624.00 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music

Reviewed Shure Beta C Condenser Instrument Microphone

Shure Beta 98 A/C Miniature Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone. Includes RPM626 In-Line Preamplifier, RK282 Shock Mount Swivel Adapter and 15' Triple Flex Cable.

Price: $249.00 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music

T S Shure Wooden Indoor And Outdoor Croquet

T.S. Shure Wooden Indoor And Outdoor Croquet Set: Create your own mini croquet courseEach wooden croquet set contains everything needed to playAll items are stored in a sturdy travel case with woven handlesSuitable for indoor or outdoor playGame set includes: 2 hand-painted wooden mallets, 4 painted wooden croquet balls, 6 illustrated wooden wickets, 12 dual-purpose standsUnique gift idea

Price: $32.89 | Merchant: Walmart US

Shure Microflex Standard Gooseneck Microphone 18 In Gooseneck

Microflex Standard Gooseneck microphones bring a whole new meaning to the word flexible with their fully adjustable gooseneck. Designed for easy replacement and available in cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, the interchangeable cartridges offer wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction for a wide variety of applications, such as houses of worship, courtrooms and conference centers. Plus, the condenser cartridges fit every model in the Microflex product line for enhanced convenience and consistent sound. Shure Microflex MX400 Series Microphones Feature: Wide dynamic range and frequency response for accurate sound reproduction across the audio spectrum Interchangeable cartridges provide the right polar pattern for every application Balanced, transformerless output for increased immunity to noise over long cable runs Shock mount that provides over 20 dB isolation from surface vibration noise Locking flange mount for permanently securing microphone to lecterns, pulpits, or conference tables Snap-fit foam windscreen

Price: $294.00 | Merchant: Cascio Interstate Music

S Shure Wooden Indoor And Outdoor Mini Golf Set

T.S. Shure Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Mini Golf Set: Create your own mini putt-putt golf courseEach set contains everything needed to playAll items are stored in a sturdy travel case with woven handlesToy golf set includes: 2 wooden golf clubs, 4 wooden golf balls, 6 artfully printed wickets and 12 standsFor 2 to 4 playersAges 5 years and up

Price: $29.67 | Merchant: Walmart US