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Sierra Designs Flash 2 FL Tent 2 Person 3 Season Sierra Designs Tan Sierra Designs Yellow One Size

Detail Sierra Designs Flash 2 FL Tent 2 Person Season Sierra Designs Tan Sierra Designs Yellow One Size

This innovative design also helps you set the tent up quickly in bad weather, and its steep walls and high ceiling give more space than conventional backpacking tents without any added weight. What makes the Flash 2 FL Tent superlight is its external frame and hybrid wall construction, which blends the benefits of both double-wall and single-wall construction, so you get a tent that's as light as a single-wall yet weather-protective like a double-wall. In fact, both doors are wide enough for you and your backpacking buddy to sit side by side and cook some food or enjoy the view when the weather's too dank for you to be outside. Sierra designs built both the fly and the floor out of ripstop fabric for durability without the weight, and the body features no-see-um mesh that provides an ample amount of airflow for those warmer nights. The thin DAC NFL poles are surprisingly strong for how light they are, and the 15-inch integrated awning poles maximize the tent's space without adding the weight of another support pole. Even the gear closets have more room than you'd expect, with enough room for a pack and several pairs of shoes. Sierra Designs took its most advanced two-person tent and lightened it up for all you ultralight backpackers. ...

Price: $399.95 | Merchant: Backcountry | Date: Mar-23, 2017

Sierra Designs Flashlight 2 Tent 2 Person 3

CLOSEOUTS . Light makes right in the backcountry. The Sierra Designs Flashlight 2 is the perfect tent for those who desire comfort and convenience on the trail but donand#39;t require a freestanding tent. Available Colors: BLUE, GREEN.

Price: $169.99 | Merchant: Sierra Trading Post

Detail Sierra Designs Tensegrity Elite Tent Person 3 Season Sierra Designs Yellow Smoked Pearl One Size

Some spacious tents are shamelessly heavy, but not the Sierra Designs Tensegrity 2 Elite Tent. This light, but spacious, dwelling features a trail weight of just over two pounds, making it one of the roomier lightweight tents on the market today. The unique design of the Tensegrity actually widens at the peak, giving the tent more living space while also saving weight. The tent has a non-free standing design, which requires two fixed or adjustable trekking poles for setup. A large front gear closet provides plenty of room to keep your boots and backpacks out of the elements, and it can be propped up with the help of two additional trekking poles, giving the tent a large porch area to cook and relax in. A stargazing pitch option lets you enjoy the undiluted views of the sky in the high country on a clear night, while two large doors at the side make sneaking in and out throughout the night as easy as possible. An additional third access point allows you to access the gear closet from the main living space, without having to walk around from the sides. The Tensegrity comes without the seams sealed, allowing experienced backpackers to seal the seams where they deem necessary.

Price: $489.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Detail Tensegrity 2 FL 2 Person 3 Season

Tensegrity by Sierra Designs represents an aggressive reimagining of non-freestanding tent design. It is the first, and only tent on the market that gets wider toward it's peak enabling lighter builds that offer more living space than any comparable tent. The Tensegrity is the ultimate choice for serious backpackers.

Price: $389.95 | Merchant: Camp Saver

Buy Tensegrity 2 Elite 2 Person 3 Season

Sierra Designs Elite tents are no holds barred, lightweight shelters. Using lightweight, fully Siliconized Nylon fabrics to repel water, they were able to reduce weight, greatly increase strength, and offer better UV resistance within their Tensegrity Series. Their Elite fabrics do not to adhere to the FR standard CPAI-84, limiting your exposure to FR chemicals.

Price: $489.95 | Merchant: Camp Saver

Special Sierra Designs Lightning 2 2 Person 3 Season

Sierra Designs ' freestanding fully-featured shelter with maximum comfort at the minimum weight. It carries the torch as the most livable and functional tent in its weight class.

Price: $229.95 | Merchant:

Affordable Eureka K XT Four Season Expedition Tent 3 Person

Providing the greatest weather protection, this extremely strong four-pole geodesic dome is the roomiest of Eureka's Expedition-tested Tents. With two windows and two doors, the Four-Season Expedition Tent features a wind and snow-shedding design that's large, light, strong and efficient. Continuous power mesh rod sleeves allow for fast set-up, in even harsh conditions. Quick-release buckles on fly provide a customized fit. The patented High / Low T-venting door is bell-shaped with twin-track zipper and a side opening for easy entry. Also features zipper flaps on vestibule doors, zippered roof vent, four mesh storage pockets, four mesh storage pockets

Price: $459.00 | Merchant: Ben Meadows

Detail Flashlight 2 Tent 2 Person Season

The Flashlight 2 tent by Sierra Designs is the perfect backpacking tent for those who want to transition to a non-freestanding build and believe that comfort and lightweight shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

Price: $229.95 | Merchant: Camp Saver

Sierra Designs Lightning 2 FL Best 2 Person 3 Season Sierra Designs Tan Sierra Designs Yellow One Size

As thunder rolls in the distance, it's reassuring to know you have a safe backcountry home like the Sierra Designs Lightning 2 FL 2-Person 3-Season Tent ready to go. If the storm's catching up to you quickly, the Lightning's freestanding, double-hub pole design lets you set it up anywhere in minutes, and the hybrid single/double-wall design reduces weight, making it easy to scamper off the ridge and find some cover. When the rain starts to fall, the treated nylon floor and and silicone-treated polyester fly will keep you bone-dry, while the mesh walls and covered foot vent will keep air moving so you don't have to sit in a stagnant pool of boot-stink and sticky air. Along with its superlight hybrid wall design, the Lightning's defining features are the dual gear closets, which zip open and separate boots, packs, and smelly gear from the sleeping area, so you can spread out while keeping your gear close at hand. Since this eliminates the need for a vestibule, the door is extra-wide, with enough room to accommodate two people sitting side-by-side, and it saves weight compared to a standard two-door design, so the Lightning weighs in at under four pounds, fully packed.

Price: $379.95 | Merchant: Backcountry