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POC Cornea Flow Goggle

Value POC Cornea Goggle

Technical Features: Optical grade polycarbonate outer lens Cellulose propionate (CP) inner lens Anti-scratch and Anti-fog treatment Soft polyurethane (PU) frame with outriggers for comfortable fit and high helmet compatibility Triple-layer face foam Coolmax laminated face foam for excellent moisture control Silicone grip on the inside of the strap. POC injected the lens to a cylindrical shape for superior optical qualities and minimal distortion. The lens is placed is wide and extends to the outside of the frame. The Cornea offers a huge field of vision that is ready to increase your reaction times. The anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments make your life easier in those adrenaline pumping moments. The soft PU frame has triple layer foam and a goggle strap with silicone grip that allows for a perfect fit on your face. ...

Price: $150.00 | Merchant: Jenson USA | Date: Nov-24, 2017

Value Strata Mud Goggle With Speedlab

The 100% Strata goggles will change your perception of what to expect from an entry-level goggle. 100% is redefining the standards for entry-lever eyewear, allowing riding from all backgrounds to experience elevated performance and comfort at an exceptional value. Compatible with 100% Replacement Lenses, the Strata goggles are the perfect starter goggle for anyone seeking better visibility on the trail. The 100% Speedlab Vision System will provide a crystal clear view of the finish line, even on the muddiest of courses. Those who ride in extremely muddy conditions know that sometimes tear-off lenses just aren't cutting it - thick mud will find a way to get between the lenses and blur your vision and you'll often find yourself accidently peeling off more than one lens at a time. The 100% Speedlab Vision System provides up to 30 clear views per film canister and helps keep non-biodegradable tear-off lenses from polluting the trail system. By simply pulling on a cord attached to one canister, you'll pull film from the clean canister while the soiled film is neatly wound in the opposite canister. The included Mud Flap will keep debris from dripping behind the lens, ensuring a constantly clear view of the trail ahead! 100% Strata Mud Goggles w/ Speedlab Features 100% Strata Mud comes with the Speedlab Vision System pre-installed Dual layer moisture managing foam Anti-fog coated Lexan lens 40mm wide silicon coated strap eliminates slippage Includes Mud Flap and 2 rolls of film

Price: $55.00 | Merchant: Jenson USA

POC Iris Goggle

With the POC Iris Flow Goggles you get a wide field of vision, which provides you with a faster reaction time since you'll be able to see nearly anything that crosses your path while you get gnar. It features an anti-fog and anti-scratch lens, so less time will be spent worrying about low visibility fogging so you can go on and enjoy your activities. POC Iris Flow Goggles Features Optical grade polycarbonate (PC) outer lens.Cellulose propionate (CP) inner lens.Anti-fog and anti-scratch treated.Coolmax face foam cover for excellent moisture control.Silicone grip on the inside of the strap.

Price: $90.00 | Merchant: Jenson USA

Information Von Zipper s Sunglasses Beefy Snow

Von Zipper Goggles Sunglasses Beefy Snow Goggle provide exceptional comfort and style at a very reasonable price. Order Von Zipper Goggles Sunglasses Beefy Snow Goggle online and save! Sunglasses Men Polyurethane

Price: $80.00 | Merchant:

Guide Von Zipper s Sunglasses Cleaver Snow

Von Zipper Goggles Sunglasses Cleaver Snow Goggle provide exceptional comfort and style at a very reasonable price. Order Von Zipper Goggles Sunglasses Cleaver Snow Goggle online and save! Sunglasses Men Plastic

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