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NRS Outlaw IK Thwart Seat

Comparison NRS Outlaw Thwart Seat

For those that want simple, versatile comfort, this is your seat. A Leafield C7 valve allows for easy and fast inflation. This seat can be used in either the Outlaw I or Outlaw II IK. Thwart Seat for the Outlaw Inflatable Kayaks. The versatility of this seat also allows it to be used in the front of the boat in place of foot braces. ...

Price: $80.00 | Merchant: NRS | Date: May-27, 2018

Comparison NRS Back Swivel Seat

Relax and enjoy fishing from your NRS High-Back Swivel Seat. This comfortable padded seat rotates 360 degrees for unlimited casting angles. Super strong and it drains, so no wet butt! The soft cushion is covered with a tough vinyl used in tractor seats. Your back will love the support you get from the high seat back. Strong plastic construction in the supportive seat pan eliminates metal parts that could rust or bend. Molded channels in the seat cushion direct water to the drain port so the seat stays dry. The swivel base has the same bolt pattern as the Angler Swivel Seat we previously stocked, 5.25""W x 5.25""L. It will fit on any of our current seat bars and passenger seat mounts. Seat comes with mounting hardware: 4 each 1/4 x 20 x 3/4"" bolts and lock nuts, and 8 flat washers.

Price: $129.95 | Merchant: NRS

Comparison NRS Universal Mount

Our Universal Seat Mount lets you attach a standard or swiveling seat to any NRS raft frame crossbar (item #90003.02) . Hot-forged aluminum construction aligns the crystalline structure of the metal, creating a super strong piece that is also lightweight. U-bolt attachment system lets you position your seat where you want it and adjust the angle. Molded ridges on the gripping surfaces provide excellent holding strength. Universal bolt holes accept NRS standard or swiveling seats. Includes two coined (flattened curve) U-bolts, four washers and four nylon lock nuts.

Price: $64.95 | Merchant: NRS

Compared NRS Pike IK Seat

Top-quality seat for an inflatable kayak. This is the same seat that comes with the NRS Pike Fishing Inflatable Kayak. Seat comes with straps to anchor the seat in place. In the Pike there are D-rings fore and aft for attachment. In another craft you will probably need to be creative. Seat bottom is 18"" wide, 16"" front-to-back and soft foam bottom is 3/4"" thick. Sturdy seat back is 17"" high, for good back support. Total width is 24"": however, there are 7"" panels on each side that can fold in to match the seat bottom width. 3/4"" thickness. On the back of the seat there's a removable zippered storage pouch, 10""W x 10""H x 4""D.

Price: $59.95 | Merchant: NRS