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The North Face Aleutian 35 Sleeping Bag Russet Orange Zinc 31 5 X 78

The Comprobar Face Aleutian 35 Sleeping Bag Russet Orange Zinc 31 5 X 78

Evenly distributed insulation from top to bottom eliminates cold spots when youre rolling or shifting. Use The North Face Aleutian 35 Sleeping Bag as a traditional folded bag or unzip the short side zipper and wraparound footbox zipper to lay it completely flat like a blanket for added versatility and sleep-like-at-home comfort. Relaxed, less-tapered mummy cut is heat efficient, while offering more room to stretch. Size: 31.5 x 78. Lightweight embossed taffeta shell enhances durability. Draft collar helps prevent heat loss. Best-in-class insulation, durable fabrics and innovative construction combine to offer maximum comfort across a wide range of temperatures and uses. Imported. Color: Russet Orange. Heatseeker Eco synthetic insulation, composed of 30% post-consumer recycled material, keeps you warm while being friendly to the environment. ...

Price: $99.00 | Merchant: Cabela's | Date: Mar-27, 2017

The Confrontare Face Aleutian Sleeping Bag 20 Degree Synthetic Kids Marlin Blue Zinc Grey Reg Right Zip

Kid's don't fit in grown-up sized sleeping bags (nor can they carry them, if we're being serious) , so they're better off with a pint-sized bag like The North Face Aleutian 20 Degree Synthetic Kids' Sleeping Bag. Sized for youngsters, it has all the same features as The North Face's Trailhead Series adult bags--a heat-trapping draft collar, roomy cut, and a wrap-around footbox zipper--so it'll keep muchkins warm from dusk 'til dawn. It can even unzip all the way and be used as a comforter, if Lil' Susie's more comfortable that way.

Price: $98.95 | Merchant: Backcountry