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Uberti Loading Lever Latch Spring

Value Loading Lever Latch Spring


Price: $5.99 | Merchant: Brownells | Date: May-27, 2018

Specifics Uberti Mag Tube To Receiver

Mfg: Uberti

Price: $15.51 | Merchant: Brownells

Value Uberti Saddle Hook Nut


Price: $5.99 | Merchant: Brownells

Information IFP212BK 12 Port Double Gang Rear Loading Face Plate Black

Features- Designed to flush mount with box eliminator- Durable construction- Complemented by a broad range of voicedatavideo connectors- Provides a rear loading, snap in, flush mounting of Hub bell jacks and AV keystone connectors- Individual port configurations allow specification flexibility- All IFP plates are supplied with paper labels, clear screw covers, and color-matched screw covers- Compatible with Hub bell Labeling System- 12 Port Double-Gang- Color - Black-Specification- UL listed and cUL certified- ANSITIAEIA-606-B station labeling capability- UL 94V-0 rated flame-retardant material- Mounts to standard NEMA openings and boxes- SKU: JLRS20023

Price: $12.38 | Merchant: Walmart US

Specials Front Loading Energy Star Washer

The Summit Front-Loading Energy Star Washer (ARWL129NAADA) is designed to offer the proper care and cleaning of all your laundry for long lasting clothes. With 16 wash programs there is a setting for all types of clothes and items that may need washing. Primary wash functions include a cotton cycle for heavy, regular, and light loads, as well as a permanent press setting and quick wash option. Special wash cycles let you give the proper treatment to bright whites, jeans, active wear, infant wear, and lightly soiled garments. The delicate cycles offer careful but thorough cleaning for fabric such as wool, cashmere, silk, and curtains. This washer is Energy Star rated with means it is built to operate with low energy consumption, saving you money on your water and electricity bills, and a tri-phase motor ensures super silent operation. Other features include: a pull-out compartment for prewash, regular detergent and fabric softener, and start/pause function as well as a delay start option. The ARWL129NAADA is sized at just 32 high for use in settings following ADA guidelines. For a matching condensing dryer, see the TCL73XNAADA. Super Silent: The special tri-phase motor ensures low noise operation that won't disturb your houshold 16 Wash Settings: Regular and colored cottons, permanent press, quick wash, mixed load, bright white, jeans, active wear, infant wear, lightly soiled, delicates, wool, silk curtains, and three partial wash cycles Energy Star Qualified: Summit's low energy consumption in their units offer savings on water and electricity

Price: $1129.55 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Bosch 800 Series WAT28402UC Front Loading Washer 2 2 Product Ft White Chrome

The Bosch 800 Series Front Loading Washer with SpeedPerfect (WAT28402UC) gets you the best results with every wash - providing you with heavy-duty washing with state-of-the-art technology. This model is fitted with a special option that allows super quick washing - perfect for those accidental spills that you just need gone straight away. SpeedPerfect option allows you to wash five men's dress shirts in just 15 minutes. With a top speed of 1400 RPM, you can be sure of not only a quick wash, but a thorough one. AquaStop Plus Protection:This unit remains completely safe from all types of water damage, giving it a very healthy lifespan and greatly reducing maintenance needs SpeedPerfect:Ultra quick speeds of 1400 RPM allow speedy wash cycles for emergency needs, with four different speeds to choose from to cater to the needs of your batch Washing Capacity:This machine can support a total of 17.6 lbs worth of garments and fabrics - equivalent of 18 towels at once EcoSilence:Runs with a motor that greatly reduces the amount of noise this unit makes, keeping it working efficiently without any obnoxious noise disturbing you Stainless Steel Drum:Additional protection comes from the material of the drum. The stainless steel works well at withstanding water damage and won't tarnish easily Plenty Of Options:You're given a great deal of choice when washing with this machine, with nine total options and 15 specific wash cycles to choose from Please note: This washing machine cannot operate without being plugged in to a compatible dryer.The washing machine power cord will not plug directly into the wall.

Price: $1245.25 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Info Bosch 500 Series WATGuides 8401UC Front Loading Washer Guides Guides Cu Ft White Silver

The Bosch 500 Series Front Loading Washer with AquaShield (WAT28401UC) delivers quality washing with exceptional speed all at a volume that won't disturb you or your neighbors. Fitted with top-shelf technology such as an EcoSilence motor, SpeedPerfect option, plus a high-functioning AquaShield fitted in to help the machine last years by deterring water damage. The capacity also lets you get the same quick, heavy-duty washing from large loads. The drum capacity is 17.6 lbs worth of garments, or roughly 18 towels at a time. This machine is an amazing long-term investment, with top-notch results with every single cycle. AquaShield Protection:Clothes won't get trapped or ripped within the stainless steel drum of this machine, which stays durable against water damage, plus highly accommodating 1400 RPM:This maximum spin speed gives your clothes a high-powered wash to get even the toughest stains out of your clothes Washing Capacity:Great capacity with a lot of room for large laundry batches. The drum can support a total weight of 17.6 lbs, and can fit roughly 18 towels inside its cavity at a time EcoSilence:Despite how much power this machine is capable of, it actually runs very quietly. The EcoSilence motor ensures that this machine won't be distracting you or distressing the neighbors and pets ActiveWater:You won't be wasting water with this unit. On top of exceeding the March 2015 ENERGY STAR water consumption standards, it also uses ActiveWater technology to make the most of the water it's using Nine Washing Options:These include SpeedPerfect, temperatures, pre-wash, child lock, finish in, extra rinse, spin speed, start/pause and signal Please note: This washing machine cannot operate without being plugged in to a compatible dryer.The washing machine power cord will not plug directly into the wall.

Price: $1067.23 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Info Achat 300 Series WAT28400UC Front Loading Washer 2 2 Cu Ft White

The Bosch 300 Series Front Loading Washer with EcoSilence motor (WAT28400UC) gives you smooth, delicate washing with a low noise level without any drop in performance. With the EcoSilence motor, this machine operates quietly, but it can still take on large jobs with ease. The capacity of the drum is 15.4 lbs, which lets you wash more with less uses, and even when filled to full capacity this machine can still spin at a maximum speed of 1400 RPM for a reliable wash cycle. One-Piece Drum:Designed with a snag-free drum. made of robust stainless steel. that won't damage your clothes or harbor odd socks 1400 RPM:Amazing spin speed of 1400 RPM for powerful washing - no stain stands a chance with the four thorough speed options available Washing Capacity:2.2 cubic feet cavity drum allows this machine to hold roughly 16 towels or 15.4 lbs worth of laundry EcoSilence:Unlike other inferior machines, this Bosch front loader operates quietly - letting you concentrate on other tasks, or simply relax, without irritatingly loud operating noises SpeedPerfect:This technology makes this machine with impressive washing speeds - great for washing off emergency spillages on dress shirts 15 Wash Cycles:Fifteen total options to choose from when washing your clothes that cater to quick washing for unexpected spills, larger batches that require heavy-duty washing, and even some maintenance cycles to keep this front loader serving you well for years to come Please note: This washing machine cannot operate without being plugged in to a compatible dryer.The washing machine power cord will not plug directly into the wall.

Price: $933.71 | Merchant: Compact Appliance

Barato OE Solutions Door Check Strap Side Loading Door Left Right 924 156

Our Door Check Strap is durably engineered to resist bending and breaking. It returns the door to its original performance, giving you just the right amount of leeway to enter and exit your vehicle. Product Features: Resilient steel or nylon construction protects against harsh weather conditions Steel design features protective plating to prevent rust from forming Direct replacement for a proper fit Easy to install. Most Door Handle & Parts products are available for in-store pickup from Advance Auto Parts.

Price: $69.99 | Merchant: Advance Auto Parts