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Wildgame Innovations Analog Game Feeder Control Unit

Wildgame Analog Game Feeder Control Unit

Enjoy durable,ongasting construction and dependable analog performance with the Wildgame Innovations Analog Game Feeder Control Unit. Feeder unit distributes feed between 1-24 times per day with an adjustable feed rate of 1-2. ...

Price: $54.99 | Merchant: Bass Pro Shops | Date: Nov-22, 2017

Innovations Quick Set 225 Lb Digital Feeder

Game Feeder / Brand : Wildgame Innovations / Mount Style : Tripod / Barrel Material : Poly / Digital Timer : Yes / Maximum Feedings Per Day : 4 / Maximum Feeding Distance : 30 ft.

Price: $89.99 | Merchant: Tractor Supply Company

Purchase Wildgame Innovations Flat Box Game Feeder Systems 200

Sturdy enough to storeots of feed, while stillight enough to move around, Flat Box Game Feeder Systems from Wildgame deliver big feeding capability. This ultra-rugged feeders feature tough, powder-coated, galvanized st

Price: $229.99 | Merchant: Bass Pro Shops

Specs Wildgame Innovations Heavy Metal HD Feeder 600 Lb

This flat-box feeder system by Wildgame Innovations is engineered to store an amazing amount of feed while remaining light enough to relocate easily. Game feeders integrated funnel reduces wasted feed. 12-piece powder-coated legs withstand heavy loads. The Heavy Metal HD Feeders digital control unit allows you to program four separate feed times. Varmint-guard system keeps unwanted critters out. 30-foot, 360 feed dispersal range.

Price: $399.99 | Merchant: Gander Mountain

Wildgame Innovations Blaster Deer Attractant

Allows you to choose advantageous standocationsMakes effective mock scrapeinesProvokes bucks to be fighting madWildgame Innovations Scrape Blaster aerosol foam soaks into the ground and attracts bucks for days. For making mock scrapes, Scrape Bla

Price: $12.99 | Merchant: Bass Pro Shops

Specifics Wildgame Innovations Driver Game Feeder

The patented auger delivery system of the Pild Driver Game Feeder by Wildgame Innovations is ideal for powdered minerals and bran feeds, and the digital control unit delivers feed up to six times per day. The weatherproof polypropylene hopper has a 30-lb. capacity and has a sturdy steel hanging bar for easy placement. Runs on a 12-volt battery (not included) .

Price: $99.99 | Merchant: Overton's

Wildgame Innovations Buck Commander Hex 225 Compare

Lure deer to your area with the convenient, easy-to-use Wildgame Innovations Buck Commander Hex 225 Feeder. Assembles in approximately five minutes without the use of tools. Quality, deep textured bark finish that wont spook those big bucks.

Price: $119.99 | Merchant: Overton's

Compare Wildgame Innovations Quick Set Direct Shot Our Lb Feeder

Gather game animals to be exactly where you want them with the Quick-Set Direct Shot 300-lb. Feeder from Wildgame Innovations. The directional design places feed exactly where you want it, and the eight available feed times ensure you lure game when you want them there. The durable polyethylene barrel has a 40-gallon, or 300-pound, capacity to guarantee your preferred wildlife in your area will keep coming back for more. The feeder stands about 6-feet tall with features to help resist tampering by unwanted animals. A heavy-duty three-piece coated leg kit makes assembling the Quick-Set Direct Shot Feeder fast and easy. Powered by a 6V battery (sold separately) .

Price: $139.99 | Merchant: Gander Mountain

Order Wildgame Innovations WGI W225DM Quick Set 225 30 Gallon Timer

New easy setup assembly in approximately 15 minutes- New rivet hardware system for easy setup- Durable 30 gal/225lbs poly barrel design- Built-in funnel reduces feed waste- Heavy-duty 12-piece coated leg kit- Newly designed digital power control kit- 4 available feed times- Galvanized steel spinner plate- 6V battery operation (not included)

Price: $96.92 | Merchant: Walmart US